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The Lagos State Government has restated its commitment to ensuring a stress-free retirement for all its employees who leave office after committed and meritorious service to the State.
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The Chairman of the Local Government Service Commission, Mr. Babatunde Rotinwa made this known during the opening ceremony of a 5-day skill acquisition exercise organised by the office of Local Government Establishments Training and Pensions at Alausa, Ikeja.
While addressing participants, he said that the State government designed the annual workshop as a way of reducing the stress and disappointments experienced by pensioners over the years.
According to him, “this platform is specially organized to appreciate the immense contributions of our staff towards grassroots development, and also prepare them financially, physically and psychologically towards a comfortable and rewarding retirement."

Rotinwa also acknowledged the relentless efforts of the retiring officers who have invested 30 to 35 years of selfless service towards the development of Lagos State Public Service.
He added that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is very passionate about making sure that the output of the pre-retirement workshop is measured and validated for the benefits and continuous improvement of those who are still in active service of the unified local government service.

“I must commend the resolve of the State Government for placing a high premium on the welfare of its workforce being conscious of the fact that training is a veritable source of staff improvement and will continue to do everything possible within the limit of available resources to improve the efficiency and productivity of officers” the Chairman reiterated.

He advised the retiring officers to keep themselves engaged physically and productively to avoid sicknesses.
The Permanent Secretary of Local Government Establishments, Training and Pensions Office, Mr. Oluwatoyin Onisarotu who also addressed the retiring officers said that the workshop will prepare retiring officers towards disengagement from the Public Service and will also give them tips on quality life and how to manage small scale businesses.

Onisarotu added that part of the workshop topics include: tips on how to prevent stress and manage good health in retirement, adding that participants would also be enlightened on the procedures to process and access their retirement benefits under contributory pension scheme in the course of the workshop.
He urged participants at the workshop to always strive towards excellence as their actions and inactions are always being monitored and will be duly rewarded.

“I will also advise you to continue to apply the knowledge you have acquired over the years in the public service and the new ones you would be exposed to in the course of the 5-days workshop to uplift the socio-political development of your environment” the Permanent Secretary stated.
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Wife of Lagos State Governor, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode (2nd left); Dr. Jolaosho Adekunle, representive of the MD. Epe General Hospital; parents of the triplets, Mr. & Mrs. Segun Akinmosin; and Dr. Akinwale Shodunke (r), during the gifts presentation by the wife of the governor, to the triplets and their mother at the Epe General Hospital, as part of activities marking the 2017 World Malaria Day, with a theme, “A Push for Prevention”.

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entertainment news

More than 7,000 people took part in a mass Tai Chi class in Mexico City on Sunday, attempting to set a record for the most people practicing the martial art outside of China.

This could be the world's biggest Tai Chi classOrganizers are hoping that their achievement can be officially verified by Guinness World Records ahead of World Tai Chi Day on April 29.
"These 7,000 people came from different cities all over the country in order to participate in Tai Chi as one class,” organizer Willy Guerrero said.
Also on Sunday, 250 martial arts schools in 27 countries held synchronized Tai Chi sessions.
France elections: Le Pen steps down as Front National leader

Populist French presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen said on Monday that she would step down as leader of the Front National (FN) party to focus on gathering a large number of voters ahead of the decisive voting round on May 7 against Emmanuel Macron.
Le Pen told France 2 that her decision had been made out of the "profound conviction" that the president of the republic must bring together all of the French people.‍
"I will be above partisan considerations," she said.
The move comes just a day after Le Pen reached the second round of the French election along with centrist Macron.
She came second with 21.30 percent, or 7.67 million votes, a record number for the FN, mirroring growing public support for the anti-immigrant and eurosceptic party.

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Today's Update on King of Hearts Series- Zee World

Shabnam sees Jyoti and Roshni going and is shocked. She follows them and says it means Jyoti is alive. She says a big conspiracy and thinks to turn the tables. DD tells Inspector that Shabnam shall be caught and will get rigorous punishment. She says I just cursed her. Raj says Police will catch her.

In the car, Roshni asks Sid what he is thinking? Sid says he is tired wearing saree since 3 months and says he will make Shabnam pay for her doings. Just then someone comes and falls before their car. They get down the car and sees Shabnam under the blanket. 

Shabnam shows pistol to Jyoti and says you have died in front of everyone, but today you will die for sure as this pistol and bullets are real. She takes Roshni to her side. DD talks to Inspector and says they have left long back. They get worried. Raj says they are not picking the call. Simran prays to God for their safety. DD says lets go and find them. Jyoti says leave Roshni and catch me. 

Shabnam says I will have fun kidnapping my sister, and says she needs Sid only. She asks Jyoti to sit in car else she will kill Roshni and shoots in air. They sit in her car. DD tries calling Sid. Shabnam asks Jyoti to take car to that place. Roshni asks where you are taking us? Shabnam asks her to sit quietly. Roshni throws her gun out. Jyoti Tai gets the gun. Shabnam asks her to give gun. Roshni holds Shabnam. Jyoti hides the gun and confuses Shabnam. 

Shabnam tries to get her gun from her hand, but her wig comes in her hand. Shabnam is shocked to see Sid as Jyoti Tai. Sid removes jewellery and bindi etc. Shabnam says Sid…….Sid asks what happened? Did you like my magic? Sid laughs and says I used to stay with my wife in her room, and you couldn’t figure out. Shabnam says you have betrayed me big. Roshni slaps her and says you thought that you will give me drug and I will not get memory back. She says you will get rotten in jail.

Shabnam starts her drama and cries. She says I am ruined. She throws sand in their eyes and escapes in her car. Sid comes home and tells DD that shabnam will not accept defeat easily. Shabnam comes and says you said right. Police also comes. Roshni tells Inspector about Shabnam’s doings. Shabnam asks him to take her from there and says I have done this under a big influence. She says doctor who was treating me, took my vulgar photos and forced me to do this. She cries and smirks. Inspector sees the pics. Everyone is shocked.

Inspector tells Sid that he has checked and Shabnam is saying right. Sid says she has been fooling you. Shabnam says they don’t trust me as I am step sister of Roshni. Inspector shows Doctor’s confession and says he went away. He says until he comes back, we can’t accept that Shabnam have done this. DD asks Shabnam to get out of her house. Shabnam says she has right on Shiv’s property and says she has right on everything now. She goes to her room. DD gets angry. Sid calms her down.

Shabnam is dancing in her room on the song Dance chalade. DD says she can’t bear Shabnam and says she is ready to go to jail and will kill her. Simran agrees with DD. Sid tells DD and Simran that murder thought don’t suit them. Kesar says I will kill her. Sid says we have to get permanent solution. Simran says we will drop her in jungle. Sid says she is human. Roshni says we will give her slow current to make her mad. Raj says we will drop her to border. Sid asks Raj not to insult himself with this weird ideas. Roshni goes to Shabnam’s room along with others and asks what she is doing? Shabnam asks her to leave the house, go to her sasural and asks if she wants to make her husband son-in-law always. DD gets angry and tries to slap her. Shabnam says she has hired security for herself and says last time when you troubled me, you got a good makeup done. She asks if she wants to get repeat performance and says your make up will be better this time. She asks everyone to get out. They leave.

 DD tells everyone that she is fed up with Shabnam and says she can’t take a breath until Shabnam is breathing. Sid gets an idea and says wow mom in law what an idea? Roshni asks what are you thinking? Sid says mom in law is awesome lady with super plan. Raj says what is his idea? Sid says I will tell everything and tells about the hindi proverb. He says time makes everyone understand. Raj pulls his cheeks.

Shabnam wakes up and thinks she is feeling hungry and need to eat food. She comes out of her room and sees nobody in the house. She wonders where is everyone? She checks in the kitchen and fridge, and finds it empty. Just then she hears Sid’s voice asking Roshni to have pizza. DD, Kesar, Sid and Roshni have food. Shabnam comes to room and says she is hungry. DD says you are staying in my house forcibly and asks her to cook food. Door bell rings, Sid says ice cream have come. Shabnam receives ice cream from the delivery boy and says she will eat it. Sid asks her to eat. Shabnam suspects him and asks him to eat first. Sid says it is difficult to stoop to your level. He eats the ice cream. Shabnam takes the ice cream and goes to her room. Sid rushes to his bathroom and goes to spit the ice cream. He tells he is making Shabnam taste her own medicine. Shabnam eats ice cream. Sid looks at her from outside. He thinks it will be fun now.

Later Shabnam vomits in the washroom. DD and Roshni look at her. DD feels bad for her and asks if Sid have done something. Roshni says Sid is sleeping and he might not have done anything. Shabnam goes to doctor for a check up. Doctor checks her and says I can’t tell you anything now. He asks her to come and collect the reports in the morning, and then only he can say. Shabnam asks if there is anything serious. Doctor says let report comes first.
Sid sings a song. DD asks Sid what is going in his mind and asks what is his plan. She says Shabnam had that ice cream and vomited. Shabnam comes home and asks Lakshmi to send green tea to her room. DD asks Lakshmi not to work for her and asks Shabnam to do her own work. Sid asks DD to calm down and asks Lakshmi to serve her green tea. DD says fine. Shabnam gets angry. Roshni tells DD that very soon she will understand. Shabnam gets vomiting again and asks Lakshmi if there is any home remedy to stop vomiting. 

Lakshmi says it seems a big disease happened to you. Sid tells DD that big disease to big disease. DD says it is good. Shabnam gets a report and reads that she is having only food poisoning. She is relieved. Just then she sees report in Roshni’s hand as well and gets doubtful. Later Shabnam comes to Sid and Roshni’s room and steal the papers. Sid and Roshni are just pretending to sleep. Sid says Shabnam is trapped. Shabnam reads the report and says I have a blood cancer, and this bad people don’t want me to know this so that I couldn’t get my treatment done. DD tells Sid that this is his plan. Sid says I will torture Shabnam and will make her feel death like experience. DD likes his plan.

Shabnam cries after reading the report and says I am going to die. Roshni searches for reports in her room. Shabnam asks if you was searching these reports. She says I don’t expect this from you being my sister, says you have hidden this report from me so that I don’t get my treatment done. Roshni says when you tried to kill my husband and gave injections to me, don’t you get scared. She says you will die a silent death and nobody will care. Shabnam says she will not die, but will kill everyone. She says she will not die before swallowing them. DD tells Sid that Shabnam might take a second opinion. Sid asks her to forget everything and enjoy the show with a popcorn. He says we will torture her very much and her game will be over in 24 hours.

Shabnam comes to the hospital. She finds other doctor there(Pinto in disguise of a doctor). Pinto asks what happened? Shabnam asks him about the old doctor. Pinto says he went out. Shabnam shows him report. Doctor acts as shocked and says this report reminded me of the old patient. Shabnam asks if that patient is fine? Pinto says your eyes will swollen, and your bones will have immense pain. Shabnam says I thought this report is fake. Pinto says your hairs have started to fall. Raj and DD looks at them. Raj calls Pinto and asks him not to do over acting. Pinto says complicated cases are coming today. Shabnam cries. Pinto says I will try to lower your pain. DD says he will ruin our plan. Raj is upset. Shabnam takes the report and leaves. DD scolds Pinto for overacting and says don’t know if Shabnam was convinced. Pinto thinks I have done right. Raj calls Sid and tells him about Pinto’s overacting. Sid says he will handle Shabnam and DD. He tells Roshni that Pinto have over acted. Roshni says our plan will fail. Just then they hear a girl coming home while dhol is played by the drummer.

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on Monday expressed shock and sadness over the death of former Governor of Osun State, Senator Isiaka Adeleke.
Ambode mourns passage of Senator Adeleke
Ambode mourns passage of Senator Adeleke

Adeleke, the first civilian Governor of Osun State and a serving Senator representing Osun West senatorial district passed on in Osun on Sunday morning at the age of 62.
Governor Ambode, in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Habib Aruna, said Adeleke’s death was a huge loss to the entire Southwest region and the Yoruba nation across the world.
“I was deeply shocked to learn of his death this morning. Only last month, he was in Lagos to join us celebrate our party leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He made his mark first as the first civilian Governor of Osun State and then as a Senator, he was one of the most prominent lawmakers who did not shy away from issues that affected Nigerians in general.
“He was very passionate about Nigeria’s progress and contributed immensely to the expansion of progressive politics especially in the South West. Senator Adeleke was a loving man, a peace maker, a grassroots politician and a detribalized Nigerian who was well loved by his people,” Governor Ambode said.
The Governor prayed for the peaceful repose of his soul, urging his family to draw strength from the fact that he made meaningful impact during his lifetime.
Governor Ambode also commiserated with the people of Osun State, especially the people of Osun West Senatorial Zone and Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola over the sad loss.
“On behalf of my family and the good people of Lagos State, I want to express our heartfelt condolence to the family of Senator Isiaka Adeleke, the people of South West Nigeria and Nigerians in general on this great and irreparable loss. He will be sorely missed”, he said.
Barcelona boss Luis Enrique declared Lionel Messi "the best player in history

Barcelona boss Luis Enrique declared Lionel Messi "the best player in history" after the Argentina star's last-minute winner at Real Madrid blew open the LaLiga title race. Messi's 500th Barcelona goal - struck with the last kick of a thrilling match - gave the visitors a memorable 3-2 Bernabeu victory and takes them to the LaLiga summit.
Is Messi "the best player in history" ?

Farmers from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, who have suffered from two successive years of drought, started drinking their urine in a protest staged in New Delhi on Saturday.
Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities
Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities

 Their unusual action received an official response on Sunday, as Edappadi Palaniswami, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, visited the protesters and urged them to stop.
The farmers are victims of a major drought, following the lowest rainfall levels of the last 140 years. On January 11, 2017, the local government in Tamil Nadu declared all districts of the state drought-hit.
For the past 40 days, the protesters have set up camp in New Delhi to demand loan waivers and a relief package of 61 billion US dollars to compensate their losses, according to Xinhua.
To make their voices heard, the farmers have resorted to extreme measures to attract attention, from wearing human skulls to eating grass, mice and snakes. "The Indian government is not giving us water. So we have no other way but to consume urine," P Ayyakkannu, the man heading the protest said, claiming that their action was to draw the federal government’s attention. He claimed that “in order to wake up the government,” they would eat their own faeces if nothing was done.
Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities
Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities
Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities
Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities

Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities

Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities
Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities

Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities
Desperate drought-hit Indian farmers drink urine in protest to local authorities

China hopes all parties can exercise restraint on the DPRK issue, and not take provocative actions, said Chinese President Xi Jinping during a phone conversation with his US counterpart Donald Trump on Monday.
Xi calls for restraint over DPRK tensions in phone conversation with Trump
Xi calls for restraint over DPRK tensions in phone conversation with Trump

Xi stressed China is strongly against any action that would violate UN Security Council resolutions. The Chinese president added that only if all parties take their responsibilities and work together, the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue can be solved.
The phone conversation came amid rising tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs, with concerns growing over the possibility of a sixth DPRK nuclear test.
This was the second phone call between the two leaders this month. On April 12, Xi and Trump talked about the Korean Peninsula situation, and matters related to Syria.

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Accomplished boxing trainer Nick Durandt died in a motorcycle accident on Friday near Clarens, Free State according to several reports.
Renowned boxing coach Nick Durandt dies at 53

Although he had never boxed himself, Durandt had a sparkling career as a boxing coach and “produced 95 South African champions in all 17 weight divisions, 38 world champions and 27 international champions through the WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, WBF and IBO organisations”, according to SuperSport.
Boxers such as Isaac Hlatshwayo, Phillip “The Timebomb” Ndou, Hawk Makepula, Cassius Baloyi, Zolani Tete and Silence Mabuza trained, and won titles, under Durandt’s tutelage.
The coach boasted a stellar roster of fighters and had also spent time in training with international superstars such as Oscar de la Hoya, Evander Holyfield and Roy Jones Jr. He also helped train US boxer Hasim Rahman who knocked out three-time world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis at Carnival City on April 22 2001.

He announced his retirement in May last year, but continued to run several gyms in Johannesburg.
Journey to the West,” the story of a superhero who hatched from an egg on a mountaintop, is making its long-anticipated return in 2018.
The latest version Journey to the West complained by Chinese netizins
But it won’t be Chinese actors in this superhero story. An Australian production firm is reworking the Chinese TV classic for American and New Zealand audiences, raising eyebrows among die-hard fans.
“Don’t remake Magic Monkey. Just replay the series. You can’t improve on perfection,” one fan said on messaging and social media platform WeChat.
Among the changes is a new title, “The Legend of the Monkey.” Three of the four main characters will also be female, in contrast to the original’s all-male leading cast.

“Journey to the West” is one of the most famous TV shows in China. It was replayed on different TV stations over 2,000 times in the country and across Asia. The TV show’s director Yang Jie passed away earlier this month.

Today In 1994 Rwandans remember the murder of the last queen of Rwanda, Rosalie Gicanda the widow of King Mutara Rudahigwa

Rwandans remember the murder of the last queen of #Rwanda
Rwandans remember the murder of the last queen of Rwanda

On 20 April 1994, as the Rwandan Genocide began, soldiers commanded by Lt. Pierre Bizimana, acting under the orders of Capt. Idelphonse Nizeyimana, kidnap the former Queen along with others from her house. Took them captives behind the National Museum and shot them. Only a younger girl survived to tell the story of the murders.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction

The Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge has gone through seven major floods, 77 hits from cruise ships, and six decades worth of wear and tear. It still stands firm in central China’s Hubei Province today.

An inspection report by authorities in the city of Wuhan showed on paper what people can see in real life: The bridge shows no indication of sinking or morphing. Its eight piers do not have any cracks, and all can bear up to 60,000 tons of pressure and flood waters with a volume of 100,000 cubic meters at a velocity of five meters per second.

The Wuhan Bridge is also capable of withstanding magnitude-8 earthquakes, the Wuhan Railway Bureau said.
Over 60 years, the Wuhan Bridge has seen three generations of maintenance workers, and their techniques have changed significantly since the piece of infrastructure was opened in October 15, 1957.

The first and second generations of bridge maintenance experts moved all materials and tools on and off the bridge with their bare hands. Taking care of this giant used to be labor-intensive.
Workers today have turned to better technology to make their work easier. Hu Jiangang, a member of the bridge’s quality control research team, said at least 10 creative approaches have been developed in the past two years to make maintenance work more efficient.

Thanks to those innovations, it now takes just 50 people to maintain the bridge, down from 300 when it first opened.
“The Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was designed with 100 years’ service life. Now 60 years have passed and we’ve set a new goal for ourselves, to expand its service life to 150 years with scientific approach applied,” the bridge’s maintenance director Huang Wei said.
Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction
Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction

Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction
Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction

Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction
Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction

Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction
Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction

Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction
Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction

Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction
Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction 
Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction
Made in China: Yangtze River bridge a testament to quality construction

Second suspect identified in Belgium over Paris shooting

A man that Belgian authorities had flagged to France over possible involvement in the Champs-Elysees shooting attack on Thursday turned himself in to Belgian police, Reuters reported, citing news agency Belga on Friday.
The second man had been identified by Belgian security officials and brought to the attention of French authorities.
"The man in the wanted notice issued by Belgian authorities presented himself to a police station in Antwerp," said ministry spokesman Pierre- Henry Brandet.
French police have taken three family members of the gunman killed into custody on Thursday, Reuters reported, citing legal sources.
A French police officer was shot dead and two others were wounded in a Paris shooting on Thursday night, which has been claimed by ISIL. The gunman was shot dead by security forces at the scene.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Currently, 55% of Nigerians lack access to electricity and those that have access suffer from frequent power outages.
Currently, 55% of Nigerians lack access to electricity

 To alleviate this energy deficit, Nigeria has approximately 100 million diesel generators in operation which produce a lot of air pollution. To help address Nigeria’s energy needs, Power Africa, a U.S government initiative, is partnering with Lumos, a solar power provider, to offer affordable and environmentally-friendly off the grid solutions. Since 2015, Lumos has added 30,000 new solar connections in Nigeria.
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks,Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one

Security operatives from the Lagos State Police Command deployed to the riverine area of the Ishawo Community in Ikorodu area of the State on Wednesday commenced total demolition of illegal waterfront shanties within the creeks where criminal elements hibernate to perpetrate their nefarious activities.

The State’s Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni who briefed journalists in Ishawo on the ongoing operations in the creeks by a combined team of the State Marine Police, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), mobile policemen and the men from the anti-kidnapping squad in coordination with the local vigilante group, said 13 suspected kidnappers have already been arrested and are currently aiding the team to track down the remaining suspects still on the run.
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one

It would be recalled that two weeks ago, four Police Officers and one Army Captain lost their lives after an ambush unleashed on them by suspected militants in Ishawo area.
Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, while condoling with the families and loved ones of the departed officers, had assured that every perpetrator directly or remotely linked to the dastardly act would be brought to justice in the shortest possible time.
Owoseni said that the Governor immediately ordered a joint operation to hunt down the perpetrators, adding that the operation was yielding positive results.
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one

“So far so good following the attack that occurred at Ishawo where we lost four of our policemen and army captain, we have deployed operatives in the water. What you have seen now is for us to appraise what we have been doing for the past one week. So, quality arrests have been made and we are talking to them because the arrests that were made we believe that we get some evidential value from them, so they are talking to us, at least that makes us to know who we are looking for so that we won’t be just wild catching,” Owoseni said.
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one

The Commissioner of Police who was joined on the inspection of the joint operation to the den of the militants in Ishawo Creeks by the Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Mr. Tunji Disu, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Habib Aruna, security squad leaders and some journalists, said the visit was to appraise the work done so far and the next line of action.
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one

“Earlier this morning, they were able to get to the proper camps of these criminal elements where they saw some of them cooking food who fled immediately they saw the combined team. We just feel that we should take a decision to destroy the camps. The destruction of the camps are ongoing, that is why we are here and the officers that are handling the destruction of the camps, they are right inside the creeks now and at the end of the day, they would share the story as they finish that operations, but our movement here is just for you to see the terrain and see what the security operatives are facing with regards to policing this environment and that is why we are clamouring for the destruction of these shanties”, Owoseni said.
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one
Police demolish criminal hideouts in Ishawo creeks, Arrests 13 suspected kidnappers, kills one

Owoseni said that one of the suspected militants died during a fierce encounter with the Intelligence Response team of the Inspector General of Police, assuring residents in the area that they would go all out to ensure that they fish out all criminal elements in the State.

“We still want to assure members of the public that these people have murdered sleep and they will not sleep, we will make sure that all of them are rooted out and that they face the full wrath of the law.

“The 13 suspects we have, we are interrogating them and they are making useful statements for us and we are making progress and you can see that helicopter surveillance is also supporting all what we are doing but we want to assure members of the public around this axis that the government is ready, the security agents are ready to ensure that we put an end to the madness of these criminal elements,” the Commissioner of Police said.

He said the Police have gathered necessary information on the perpetrators still on the run, assuring that one by one, they would be arrested and be made to face the full wrath of the law.

He commended the synergy of the combined efforts of the security operatives, just as he added that the efforts of the local vigilante groups who are familiar with the terrain was critical to the operation especially in aiding to navigate the hideouts of the militants.

“I want use this opportunity to thank the civilian men that have decided to join us and take us to navigate the water and also give us a lead to the centre of activities which is the creek where these criminal elements have been hibernating,” Owoseni said.
Lagos tasks business owners at Computer Village on safety

The Director-General, Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr. Hakeem Dickson has advised business men and traders in Computer Village, Ikeja to adhere to the State’s Safety laws in order to protect their lives, property and investments in order to avoid disaster.
Dickson, during a visit to the Computer Village observed several safety infractions which include lack of proper safety measures, poor parking, and improper stacking of goods as well as lack of signage amongst others.
The Director-General advised that the traders should henceforth have a budget line for safety in order to accommodate all the necessary safety measures including the provision of Personal Protective Equipment.
He said the Akinwunmi Ambode administration is very passionate about safety of lives and property, adding that a business environment can only thrive and be attractive to investors and customers when it is safe.
The Director-General advised that the parking arrangement should be improved upon to allow free movement, noting that in case of fire, accessibility will be difficult.
Mr. Dickson appreciated the cooperation of the members of Computer and Allied Products Association of Nigeria, CAPDAN and their willingness to synergize with the vision of Governor Ambode to ensure a safe and conducive environment for business and tourism to thrive.
He reminded the association of the need to insure their business premises and other assets, stressing that embracing appropriate insurance policy would save them and their businesses in the event of any unforeseen disaster.
He expressed the hope that Computer Village will be a reference point for other business associations in the State in terms of safety Compliance, saying that “Safety compliance is cheap compared to the colossal loss that will be incurred in case of fire and other hazards”.
Responding, the President of CAPDAN, Alhaji Ojikutu Ahmed Adeniyi expressed delight at the proactiveness of the Lagos State Safety Commission for initiating series of meetings with the Association prior to the visit which he said has been very fruitful and was an eye opener about safety.
According to Mr. Ojikutu, Computer Village is the largest ICT hub in Africa with investment base worth billions of Naira which he said should not be lost due to avoidable incidents.
He pledged the Association’s willingness to cooperate and ensure that computer Village is safe, noting that it is only when the market is safe that investors and customers will visit.
The Director-General and his team were conducted round Computer Village by the Executives of CAPDAN and the safety committee to assess the level of safety compliance within the market.

The late Ghanaian entrepreneur and women's rights activist Esther Afua Ocloo has been honoured with a Google Doodle on the search giant's UK homepage today.
Google honours Ghana's most successful businesswoman

Esther’s company was the first in Africa to develop local food processing on an industrial scale. Her Nkulenu brand's canned palm fruit, jams and other products are still sold widely in Ghana and exported to the rest of the world.
Google honours Ghana's most successful business woman
Google honours Ghana's most successful business woman

Esther, who passed on in February 8th 2002, is credited for being among the pioneers of micro-financing, thus helping to improve financial inclusion for millions of women across the world.
"On what would have been her 98th birthday, today’s Doodle shows Esther empowering the women of Ghana with the tools to improve their lives and communities," said Google.

A South African man, Joseph Mabuza, was arrested for driving his Jaguar at 231km/h early Wednesday morning.

South African arrested for driving Jaguar at 231km/hThe 40 year old has been charged for reckless and negligent driving reports News24.
"The speed camera clocked him at the speed and then officers flagged him. He only stopped a few metres after the camera," spokesperson for the Mpumalanga department of community safety Joseph Mabuza said.
Social media explodes at the news of Serena Williams pregnancy
Serena Williams, the best female tennis player of all time and current world No. 2 announced her pregnancy after posting her pregnant belly on Snapchat, citing that she was 20 weeks along.

If the 20-week timeline in her Snapchat is accurate, it means Williams won the Australian Open in January for her record-breaking 23rd Grand Slam singles title final while roughly 10 weeks pregnant.

The 35 year old tennis star deleted snap is currently slated to play in Madrid in early May. She has not played a tournament since then, withdrawing from events in Indian Wells, Calif., and Miami last month, citing a knee injury.

Williams, a 22-time Grand Slam champion, is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, 33.
Williams is one of the greatest American athletes active today, and is the highest-paid female athlete in the world.
There has been no official confirmation by her representatives.
Social media explodes at the news of Serena Williams pregnancy
Social media explodes at the news of Serena Williams pregnancy

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