Friday's episode On Reach For The Stars

Friday's episode On Reach For The Stars
Friday's episode On Reach For The Stars
Raghav gifts an abacus to Pallavi and tells Kamala Tai about his relationship with his father. Meanwhile, Vitthal plans a surprise for Kamala.
Manda Tai instigates Vitthal against Pakya. Kamala Tai requests Neetu to let Kalpana join the same tutor as Pakhi but Neetu refuses. Kalpana asks for Raghav's help in solving a math problem. He not only helps her but also gifts her an expensive pen. Kamala Tai feels happy on learning about the same. Pakhi likes Kalpana's pen and decides to keep it for herself.
Kalpana denies to give her pen to Pakhi which leaves Pakhi furious and jealous. Pakhi throws a vase in anger and hurts herself. Meanwhile Neetu reaches there and blames Kamala for the whole incident. Kalpana gives her pen to Pakhi with a heavy heart. Vitthal gets furious on learning that Kalpana had to sacrifice her favourite pen for Pakhi's happiness.
Vitthal gets furious on learning about the pen incident. Kamla feels bad. She pampers Kalpi and gifts her a doll. Kamla tells Kalpi to never giveaway the doll as it had been gifted to Kamla by her mother.
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