Men prefer women with less makeup, research says

Men prefer women with less makeup, research says

As many men have been eager to point out repeatedly, wearing heavy make up is not all that matters when trying to get their attention.

That view seems to be a really popular one, as results of a recent study in America show that men are more likely to grow attracted to a woman with little or no make up, than one that wears too much.

In the study carried out in August 2016, men were shown photos of female faces wearing varying levels of makeup, and asked to choose which one appealed to them most.
Both men and women agreed on the same amount of makeup they found attractive.
Ironically, the women involved in the study actually said they assumed that men preferred way more makeup than they actually did.

It appears the case is settled to a greater extent now.
The results of that study also show that men love women with red lipstick, well-pronounced hips, higher voice pitch, and long arms.
So, ladies, now you know what men find attractive; you should feel confident in wearing no make-up as more men might just fall for you for that reason!


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