Rafael Nadal stops tennis match as mother searches for lost child in crowd

There’s something about this that makes you just tear up. Maybe it’s the parent in you (if you are a parent) or maybe, in a time when the world seems to be at its own throat, you witness a moment when everyone is on the same side.

A mother looking for her child. A child desperate to find her mother. And everyone around them, including Rafael Nadal who’s supposed to be concentrating on the player on the other side of the net, realizing that their reunion is more important than anything else.

This took place Wednesday during an exhibition match in Nadal’s native Mallorca. Partnered with a teenager named Simon Solbas, and squaring off against Carlos Moya and John McEnroe, Nadal was on serve when a commotion in the crowd (that would normally halt as play resumes) didn’t stop. And rightfully so.
Nadal stopped, the crowd did too, and mother and daughter were reunited.


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