Amazing ladder saves villagers living on cliff

Amazing ladder saves villagers living on cliff

An extraordinary iron ladder could be a life-line for the residents living in a village on the top of a cliff.
The Atuleer Village is located at the top of a 1600-meter-high mountain near the Miegu River Gorge in Zhaojue County, Sichuan Province, and is home to over 72 families.

The village’s remote location was essential to its survival in ancient times, protecting it from wars and invasions. Nowadays however, its inaccessibility is hindering its development and isolating it from the rest of the world.
Amazing ladder saves villagers living on cliff

Currently village children have to climb seventeen different ladders made out of reeds to get to the school based at the bottom of the cliff. The daily climb is so difficult that some children are not even registered to attend school as their parents see it as too risky. Part of the climb even includes two 100-meter ladders made of reeds.
The roads linking the village to the rest of the world are also dangerous with several deaths being recorded on the roads. Villagers often do not even attempt to leave the village on rainy and snowy days, according to Api Jiti, the village chief.
Villagers could have moved out but they are not willing to give up the land they call home. Agricultural conditions on the cliff top are particularly good and the soil is incredibly rich. Improving transportation between the top and the bottom of the cliff would increase the profits from the farming and therefore improve the whole development of the village.
It is now hoped one amazing ladder could replace many of the smaller reed ones and come to the villagers’ rescue.
A well-constructed firm iron ladder would change the situation but due to the lack of funding, the plan has been put off again and again. The cost is over 1 million yuan (148,000 USD) and the government claimed that they could only cover half of it.
In August, the local government of Zhaojue County decided to fully support the construction plan. The construction process is now nearly finished and should cut travel time to less than an hour. It is hoped the ladder will be finished by November.


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