BYD reaches for skies with new ‘Cloud Rail’ system in Shenzhen

BYD reaches for skies with new ‘Cloud Rail’ system in Shenzhen

China’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, BYD, rolled out its first monorail system in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong Province on Thursday, after 5 years of research and development.

The elevated monorail system, also known as “Cloud Rail,” is 4.4 kilometers long, and can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. The monorail is expected to be able to transport 10, 000 to 30, 000 people per hour in onedirection.
Wang Chuanfu, CEO of BYD, told local media outlet that the “Cloud Rail” forms a traffic network by working together with overground and underground transport systems, and described it as an antidote to traffic jams, which have become a constant problem in metropolises like Shenzhen
According to an introduction to the new monorail system announced on Thursday, the construction of “Cloud Rail” costs one fifth of building a subway network, and can be built one third faster than a typical subway line.
Wang also stressed that the “Cloud Rail” is very quiet compared to other public transport options, making it suitable for financial or tourist areas in large cities, or as a main rail system in medium- and small-sized cities.

Shantou, another city in Guangdong Province, has reportedly signed a contract with BYD for a 250-kilometer long monorail network.
BYD, an abbreviation that means “Build Beyond Dreams” in Chinese, is a leading company in the new energy sector. The company has also moved into IT and automobiles. Monorail technology is a fourth sector of investment for the company, with some 56 billion yuan (roughly 8 billion US dollars) already earmarked for its development.


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