David Oyedepo: prophetic declarations for this week

 David Oyedepo
Before now, no one cared about you, but soon, your name will be sounding in nations! 

Every terminal disease in your body is terminated by the Blood of Jesus!
You will never be a victim of pity again; rather, people will envy you!
Your flag is flying high; your star is rising!
There shall be no more crises in your home!
Your children will not go wayward, and those that have shall return home in the name of Jesus!
Your business may be crawling now, but before this week is over, it will rise!
You may be jobless now, but before this week is over, you will resume your new job!
Be empowered to live like Christ!
I decree the full release of God’s blessings on your life in Jesus' name!
Your name shall be announced in high places!


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