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Flood, what flood? Old man becomes meme after Hong Kong typhoon

Flood, what flood? Old man becomes meme after Hong Kong typhoon

A picture of an old man reading a newspaper with amazing composure at a Starbucks store in Hong Kong has become the latest meme on Facebook, as floodwaters slowly seep up his ankles and rise towards his knees.

It seems that nothing, even Typhoon Haima, which has been sweeping through southern China in recent days, will ever get in the way of this old man enjoying his newspaper and cup of coffee.
This elderly fellow has certainly shown that he is more of a “weather-beater,” rather than being “weather-beaten.”
According to BBC, the moment was captured by a 23-year-old medical worker named Kristy Chan, who also said there were actually other people inside the coffee shop at the same time.
British media have hailed him as ‘Uncle Starbuck’, despite the man actually looking much older than his nickname suggests.
Unsurprisingly, the Internet cannot let any fodder for Photoshop fans like this pass by, and many netizens got to work and shared their creativity, creating a barrage of memes. Does the star of them realize? He probably doesn’t care – so long as he gets his coffee and reads his paper.
Hong Kong was struck by Typhoon Haima on Friday, with hundreds of flights canceled. With the typhoon heading north through Guangdong Province and onwards to Jiangxi Province on Saturday, some nine cities have issued the highest red weather alert.
One man was killed in Hong Kong, while more than 720,000 people have been evacuated from potential danger zones.


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