Friday On King Of Hearts, Zee World drama series and celebrities

Zee World drama series and celebrities

Simran is so lost in her daughter's love that she forgets the crime committed by her and asks Raj to get her daughter back at any cost. Raj says Kritika crushed 2 lives under the influence of alcohol.
Simran says she just wants her daughter back, else he will see her dead body in the morning. Naani sees Durgardevi and Roshni are resting on Siddharth’s shoulders and get elated. Later, Durgardevi wakes up on getting a phone call by the ACP and get the news that Kritika has been bailed out. She asks who got it. He says the Khurana's. Roshni says she cannot let the culprit get bail easily and will go to police station right now, even Durgardevi says she will accompany her. Siddharth says they are both tired and should go home and rest, he will go to the police station. Siddharth goes to the police fuming with anger and gets a huge shock when he learns that the people who have bailed the girl are none other than his own parents and the girl responsible for the accident is Kritika. Siddharth is devastated to hear that and goes to his parents home. The ACP tells him he can take the case further to court, but cannot stop getting bail. Roshni calls him, he thinks Roshni’s own in-laws have bailed out her culprit. Next morning, Durgardevi come home and apologizes to Mona Bua for not picking her call last night as Roshni met with a minor accident. Mona asks her not to show her fake concern and says she will manage her own problems and says further she is ignorant on her as she is living on her money, and her daughter was out of the house the whole night and she could not get anyone’s help. Roshni tries to speak, but Mona angrily walks out from there. Durgardevi asks Roshni not to explain to Mona much as she will not understand and thinks them as enemies. Simran brings Kritika home and tells Raj that Kritika did wrong, but she cannot let her go to jail. Raj says she tried to kill 2 people and she is taking her side. Kritika says she drank alcohol as they left her alone and in anger she rammed a kid and Roshni. Raj is shocked and asks what happened to Roshnhi. Siddharth says the people she rammed with her car is Roshni and Phatka. Kritika hides behind Simran. Siddharth says because of her Phatka is in critical condition and if anything would have happened to Roshni, he would have trashed her. Simran asks her not to do that. Siddharth says he will get her punished and drags Kritika out of the house but just then Simran reveals to him that Kritika is his elder sister. He stops. Simran says you will put your elder sister behind bars. Siddharth asks elder sister?? Simran says Kritika is his elder sister. He is shocked to hear that.
Upon learning that Kritika is his own sister, Siddharth is now stuck with a dilemma, as he had promised to serve justice to Pathka by punishing the girl responsible for his accident. Siddharth's mother Simran pleads to her son to spare Kritika and Siddharth is left with no other option but to forgive her. He later goes along with Kritika to Roshni's house and upon seeing Kritika there, Roshni and Durgadevi get furious. The two of them are astonished to find Siddharth defending the girl's crime. Upon noting that Siddharth is supporting the girl who had attempted to kill Phatka and herself, Roshni demands to know the relation between him and Kritika. After a lot of convincing, Durgadevi finally agress to forgive Kritika on some minor conditions to which Kritika agrees grumpily. Later, Siddharth goes on to make further enquiry about Rajveer Singh at a remand house where he had stayed in. At the same time, Rajveer Singh concocts a plan to destroy Samaira's life.
Kritika badmouth Siddharth in front of Simran. She says Siddharth’s in-laws insulted her and he did not utter anything. Durgardevi questioned about her upbringing and Siddharth stood silently. She says Siddharth has become his in-law’s puppet and till now has done nothing to his mother. She tells Simran that neither her husband nor son listens to her at all. Simran asks her to eat. She says she does not want to eat and falls unconscious. Siddharth bribes peon who gives Rajaveer’s file to him. Siddharth checks and says there is nothing in it but has Rajveer’s parent’s Pune address, and if he uses his brain, he can find clue from it.


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