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Friday On Krishi

Just before Pinky and Babloo could take the seventh phera, a goon enters the setting and claims to be Pinky's lover. It is later uncovered that Pintu had called the goon to interfere with the marriage.
Later, the pundit informs Krishna and Pintu that Pinky and Babloo had not finished the marriage rituals and subsequently are not married. Bihari and Dihati get passionate amid Pinky's bidaai ceremony. Ganga performs Pinky and Babloo's arti. Krishna tells Pinkythat she would always protect Pintu and his family from her pernicious plans.
The family gets stunned when Pinky gets hurt on her feet while performing the gharpravesh ceremony. Pinky adroitly convinces Krishna to bandage her wound. Pinky learns from Ganga that Krishna would not get ready for her IAS examination. Later, Pinky uncovers that she had put glass piece in the plate. Pinky later mockingly makes fun Krishna' helplessness. She ends the discussion by expressing that she would destroy Krishna's life. Dihati gets aggravated since Bihari was in an intoxicated state. Late around evening time, Pintu Krishna tells that if Pinky would go to any extent to destroy her life.
Babloo makes it clear to Pinky that he is not certain whether he would get intimate with her in future. The following day, Pinky cuts the string hanging behind Sargam's photo frame. Pinky astutely convinces Krishna to clean her room. At the point when Sargam's photo frame falls on the ground, Babloo cautions Krishna not to go into his room without his consent. Later, Pintu realises that Pinky must have plotted against Krishna. Pinky chooses to bring Sonu alongside him for a puja. Krishna guarantees the family that she would take care of Sonu.


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