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Kindergarten transformed by revolutionary elevated playground

Kindergarten transformed by revolutionary elevated playground

A kindergarten in eastern China has been transformed from a dull institutional place to a colorful, happy space, thanks to an innovative elevated playground.

A brand new three-acre playground was opened at The Longshan Central Kindergarten in Huzhou city, Zhejiang Province on Monday. The space, which features an athletics track, support facilities and play areas, cost more than 80 million yuan (11.9 million US dollars) to construct.
The Fuji Kindergarten in Tachikawa, a suburb of Tokyo in Japan, was the Chinese facility’s inspiration. It was built with a “doughnut ring” - a rooftop that encloses a courtyard space. The oval rooftop is a platform for free exploration which can be used for formal assemblies. The beautiful and child-friendly space has been honored with multiple architectural design awards.
Similar to Tachikawa, Longshan in Huzhou city is a small town with limited space for expansion. So the kindergarten took a creative approach, building upwards to create a playground large enough to provide the children with the best play facilities.
“Kids are keen on running in circles. That’s why an oval rooftop would be the best for free playing,” said one anonymous worker from Longshan Kindergarten. “The playing area is slightly sloped as kids may like it.”
The elevated playground sits just 2.1 meters above the ground, so children can interact with classmates below, and tutors can keep an eye on kids upstairs.


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