Migrant workers' actions touch the hearts of thousands

Migrant workers' actions touch the hearts of thousands
Pictures capturing several weary migrant workers sitting on the ground onboard a subway train with dozens of empty seats in Shenyang, northeast China’s Liaoning Province have recently gone viral
online as thousands of netizens have extended sympathy as well as respect to the workers.
The workers in shabby clothes and clunky headgear were seen in the photos either taking a nap or looking at their phones on the ground against the door despite the fact there were multiple vacant seats inside the subway carriage.
Migrant workers' actions touch the hearts of thousands

“They look really tired while sitting on the ground,” a passenger onboard who did not disclose their real name told reporters, adding that the workcrew refused to take the empty seats in a bid to protect the seats from the filthy oil paint and dirt on their clothes.
The pictures are not the first set of photographers taken on public transport highlighting the lives of migrant workers.
A worker riding the subway in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu Province earlier this month, was photgraphed taking off his jacket and using it as a cushion for his child to sit on the floor despite their being empty seats. They are thought to have decided to sit on the floor to stop their dirty clothes staining of the subway.
Mrs Long, a user of the social media platform weibo from Chonqing posted in November last year a photo capturing a agricultural worker sitting on his luggage inside a bare carriage. She noted that the worker refused to take the empty seats following another passenger telling him off for allegedly staining his suits.
While the photographs of builders of stunning urban skyscrapers and dense residential blocs coming from China’s rural areas have touched the hearts of thousands of netizens with their considerate actions, they themselves seem to suffer from multiple social adversities including low income, impoverished living and working conditions as well as a being stereotyped as sloppy and untidy.
Many netizens on China’s sina weibo at the sight of the heartbreaking photos have expressed their compassion as well as appreciation for the workers’ contribution to the city’s construction.
“The workers who respect other passengers by sitting on the ground also deserve the respect from us,” said @Yudaren.
Another netizens @Benpaodeshejing echoed the above comment by adding that "we shall for all time respect the workers as the cities will by no means be such beautiful and prosperous without their decades of toil and work."


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