Monday On Krishi, Zee World drama series and celebrities

 Zee World drama series and celebrities

Babloo and Pinky are prepared to take Sonu to boarding school. The family gets uneasy when Pinky informs them that she can't find Sonu in the house. Krishna had covertly hidden Sonu in the kitchen.
An underhanded Pinky found Sonu in the kitchen. She indignantly take Sonu away from Krishna.
Ganga tries to prevent Babloo from getting Sonu selected to the boarding school, yet comes up short. Someone in particular phones the principal of the boarding school and informs him that Pinky had guaranteed to offer donation to his school in the event that he gets Sonu admitted in the school. Babloo eagerly waits for his driver to arrive in the mansion. In the interim, a credulous Sonu hears Sargam's voice and goes inside the mansion. Sonu grasps Sargam's photo and whines about Babloo's decision. Sonu likewise tells Babloo that Sargam had called out his name. Abnormally, Krishna too hears Sargam's voice. Krishna gets shocked when Sonu informs her that he encountered Sargam's presence in his room. Just before Krishna and Sonu could leave the room, Krishna faints. In her subliminal state, Krishna gets astonished when Sargam's spirit takes her with her.
Krishna faints in Sonu's room. In her intuitive state, Krishna trusts that Sargam was valuing her for looking after Sonu. Krishna guarantees Sargam that she would dependably look after Sonu. Krishna informs Babloo about her dream. Ganga gets furious as Babloo had not changed his decision of getting Sonu selected in the boarding school. Pinky, Babloo, Krishna and Pintu drop Sonu to the boarding school. At the hostel, Sonu informs his roommates about Pinky being his step-mother. Sonu's roommates induce him to break Pinky's photo which was kept on his table.


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