David Oyedepo DECLARING
David Oyedepo 
Before you appear at Shiloh 2016, you are already a wonder to behold in the name of Jesus!
I see you walking in the love of God supernaturally!

Soon, the people who used to castigate you will say that God has done great things for you.
Thousands will fall on your right and left but none will come near you, as you walk in the light of God’s Word!
Every negative medical verdict on your life is cancelled in the name of Jesus!
As you prove your love for God through soul-winning, I see you in the high places of the earth!
While others are suffering, you shall be ‘fat’ and flourishing!
No matter what is destroying others, your border shall not be crushed!
You are demarcated from every plague forever!
Today marks a turning point in your life!
No matter the obstacles, the love of God will catapult you to another level!
Whatever is consuming others in the world will not consume you!
When men are saying there is a casting down, you shall be experiencing liftings!
Every oppression of stagnation will be turned to celebration of advancement in your life!
God will reward you openly this week!


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