Prophetic Declarations for this week!!! David Oyedepo

 David Oyedepo

Every seed the enemy has planted in your body is flushed out by the anointing in the name of Jesus!
By the anointing, the healing power of God comes upon you!
By the anointing, every planting of the devil in your life is rooted out of your body in the mighty name of Jesus!

Everything responsible for your stagnation is rooted out today by the anointing!
By the anointing oil, every damaged organ is repaired, and restored in the name of Jesus!
A supernatural purging of all evils begin in your life right now in the name of Jesus!
I pray that your heart shall be en-flamed with the love of God in the name of Jesus!
Whatever seems to be working against you will begin to work together for your good!
The last defeat you suffered is the last you will ever suffer!
From today, failure will never be recorded around you again!
Your partnership with Jesus will take you to places you've never imagined in Jesus' name!
I see you, an "ordinary" individual, becoming a global entity in my lifetime in Jesus mighty name!
This week is declared a most fruitful week for you!
By the anointing, your properties become a ‘no go area’ for the devil in the name of Jesus!
You are free at last and free forever!
You will never experience losses again!

You will be hearing ‘Congratulations’ the remaining days of this year in the name of Jesus!


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