Savor food and art, in an antique-filled restaurant

Savor food and art, in an antique-filled restaurant
In the mood for culture? But feeling a little peckish? How about visiting a museum and having dinner at the same time (just don’t forget your magnifying glass)?

Well, now you have the perfect place to go in southwest China’s Chongqing municipality. Art collector Yang Hui, who has spent millions of yuan on ancient Chinese treasures since 2013, recently opened a restaurant. Or is it a museum?
The 32-year-old has placed his favorite emperor’s chair, worth 600,000 yuan (100,000 US dollars), right at the entrance to his establishment - and diners (or perhaps antique lovers) have flooded in to take pictures.
Savor food and art, in an antique-filled restaurant

The restaurant doesn’t enjoy a fast client turnover, but fortunately Yang isn’t worried about making money. Some enthusiasts grab a half-hour lunch, but then spend the rest of the afternoon checking out Yang’s collection.
Vintage porcelain from ancient dynasties, including a Han Dynasty war chariot unearthed in Sichuan Province, can also be found in the eatery.
Yang is planning to open an actual museum – without waiters – but is still in the process of selecting a site, according to local media.
The knotty problems, however, are the hidden costs of the storage and display of all his antiques. Yang has rented four apartments to store his treasures. Each apartment costs around 100,000 yuan (16,000 US dollars) per year.
And more than 80 surveillance cameras operate in Yang’s antique-filled restaurant, while four security guards are on duty every day.
“I never think about making money out of this,” said Yang. “I’d just like to share the joy of antique collection with others.”


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