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On King Of Hearts
Later, a doctor comes to do Kritika's check up and informs Simran and Raj that Kritika is pregnant. While Raj and Simran are amazed upon hearing this,
Kritika behaves calmly as if she was expecting it, and asks her parents to not over react. Meanwhile, Siddharth bribes one of the workers at the remand home and manages to get some details of Rajveer Singh. Later, he apologizes to Roshni for letting her down, and she forgives him. After some time, Siddharth goes to a house and tries to enquire the couple staying there about Rajveer.
After a lot of convincing, Siddharth finally manages to get the couple to help him learn more about Rajveer. The couple seem to know all about Rajveer and how he had landed up in the remand home. He later takes the couple to his house, where Durgadevi and Roshni are being seated. Siddharth asks the entire family to assemble and introduces everyone to the new couple. When Durgadevi enquires about the couple with Siddharth, he goes on to reveal that this couple is here to inform them about why Siddharth had been in the remand home. Durgadevi and others get surprised to learn that Rajveer had been in the remand home while Rajveer stands silent, not revealing any expressions. Watch the entire episode to know if the couple will spill the beans about Rajveer's past.
Rajveer deftly manages to prove himself right and Siddharth wrong. However, Mona Bua feels that her son-in-law has been humiliated and decides to leave the house alongwith Rajveer and Samaira. On the other hand, Siddharth feels bad that his plan to bring Rajveer's reality has failed and later, he is forced to apologize and patch up with Rajveer as he does not want the family to break. That night Rajveer proudly displays his notorious behaviour in front of Siddharth. Next morning, Roshni advices Siddharth to forget the incident and stop going after Rajveer, but Siddharth is adamant to complete his mission.


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