UNICEF Nigeria: It’s International Day of the Girls

It’s International Day of the #Girl

All girls deserve equal access to healthcare, education, safety and security and basic human needs in her lifetime.

On this wonderful day of international day of the girl, stand for the girls and show your support for girls everywhere, everyday and anytime.
Happy international day of the girl !
It’s International Day of the Girl and we’re celebrating friendship and education! Aisha, Falmata, Yakaru and Falmata grew up together in the town of Monguno inBorno state, but all of them had to flee for their lives when the town came under attack. Their school was burned down and none of the girls thought they would ever be able to go back to school. By chance, they all ended up in the same camp in Maiduguri for people displaced by the conflict and when UNICEF set up a school in the camp they were delighted to find themselves classmates again. It felt a little like old times! The girls made another good friend at school, Hauwa, who comes from the town of Gwoza and had missed two years of school because of the fighting. All the girls have just passed their Junior Secondary School exams and all are planning to continue their education. Congratulations girls!


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