Zee World drama series and celebrities,Siddharth uses his connections to induce house arrest on Gafoor

Zee World drama series and celebrities

Wednesday On King Of Hearts
Siddharth uses his connections to induce house arrest on Gafoor. Gafoor on the other hand gets furious as he was planning to leave the country and go to Dubai.
He calls Rajveer and asks him to anyhow help him leave his house. Rajveer immediately decides to leave the house and help Gafoor but he is unaware that it was Siddharth who had set the entire plan to reach the person who has been helping Gafoor all this while. After a lot of chasing and hiding, Siddharth gets shocked to find Rajveer standing in front of him.
Siddharth seems confident that Rajveer is the crook who had been working against Durgadevi all this while and creating misunderstanding within the family by constantly being amongst them. Siddharth promises to unmask the hidden reality of Siddharth anyhow. Meanwhile, Simran tries to enquire Kritika about her goings on, and learns that she has a boyfriend. Simran later sees Kritika going along with the same stranger who had saved her life a few days back. Meanwhile, Roshni learns that Samaira had slapped an elderly servant of the house and this makes her furious. She goes to Samaira and slaps her in front of everybody. Upon seeing this, Roshni's Bua gets enraged and threatens to leave the house along with Samaira. Sidharth, on the other hand, begins his investigation to learn more truths about Rajveer Singh.
Rajveer reaches the house and starts to shout at Siddharth. Siddharth is taken aback by this sudden step taken by Rajveer and is unable to explain himself. Roshni's Bua gets furious with Siddharth and Roshni and accuses them of making plans to send her family away from the house. Meanwhile, Raj and Simran get ready to meet Siddharth and Roshni on new years eve and the both of them are confused wether to take Kritika along or not.


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