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Thursday On King Of Hearts

Thursday On King Of Hearts

Rajveer reaches the house and starts to shout at Siddharth and holding his collar and asks why is he inquiring about him indirectly instead of asking him directly. Siddharth is taken aback by this sudden step taken by Rajveer and is unable to explain himself. Roshni's Bua gets furious with Siddharth and Roshni and accuses them of making plans to send her family away from the house. Roshni is not please seeing Siddharth in a sad moon and says he was trying to cheer her up in the morning and now he himself is sad. Siddharth asks her not to leave him whatever happen. She says will not and hug her. Siddharth thinks if she is with him, he can gets Rajveer out of Durgardevi's house and protect them. Roshni reminds him about a dinner party with the kids at the NGO and his parents. Meanwhile, Raj and Simran get ready to meet Siddharth and Roshni on new years eve and the both of them are confused wether to take Kritika along or not. After a lot of discussion and seeing Kritika's attitude, Raj finally decides against taking Kritika along. Simran later meets Roshni and gives her gifts. Kritika gets jealous seeing Simran showering her love upon Roshni. She develops a strong feeling of hatred for Roshni, as she believes that she is snatching her mother away from her. Thus, she decides to take a dire step.

Durgadevi gets on with her plans for New Year's party. She asks Pratima to give her lists of guest, she gives her but asks Pratima to include Siddharth's parents as they are Roshni's father and mother in-law and surprises Dadi by saying that she wants Siddharth's parents to be present for the party and it's her gift for Siddharth. Her Dadi tells her that Siddharth will be happy and his sacrifice as sweet son in-law will be accomplished. She further tells Durgardevi that she is happy seeing her changed behavior towards her son son in-law. Durgardevi asks her not to praise her more else someone will ruin their happiness. This does not go down well with Mona Bua, and she feels that she and her family are being insulted by the other members of the house time and again. She scolds Durgardevi that she is least bothered about her and her daughter and says she is just worried about Roshni and not Samaira . Durgardevi says she treats both Roshni and Samaira as equal. Mona says she is not and says Rajveer helped her a lot, even then she is thinking about Siddharth and not him. Durgardevi says it is not like that but Mona angrily walks out on her. Dadi says whenever something good is about to happen, some hurdles develop. Siddharth sees off his parents from the hotel and wishes them happy New year. Meanwhile, Roshni and Siddharth along with the children, are on their way back and just then, Kritika who is burning with jealousy, drives her car towards Roshni to snatch Siddharth happiness. In order to save Roshni, little Phatka comes in the way of the car and meets with a serious accident. Siddharth turn and shocked to see Phatka and Roshni lying down on the road bleeding. Raj and Simran reach home and think of wishing Kritika happy new year but the maid lady says Kritika is not at home. Simran tells Raj that Kritika must have gone to meet her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Kritika comes home, enters the room and locks it and begins to panic when she realizes the gravity and consequences of the action she had just committed Siddharth and Roshni rushed Phatka to the hospital. The doctor checks him and asks them to inform the police as it is a legal case and tells Roshni to nurse her head injury but Roshni asks him to save Phatka first. Durgardevi calls Roshni thinking of wishing her happy new year. Roshni pick it and tell her that she is in City Hospital where even Roshni falls unconscious during a telephonic conversation with her mother due to the head injury. Siddharth runs to rescue her and calls her name. Durgardevi gets worried and rushes to the hospital. Doctor treat Roshni wounds and Roshni wakes up, Siddharth asks her if she is fine but she asks him to take care of Phatka instead. He says she is injured and not to worry. Meanwhile, Durgadevi and others reach the hospital and find Roshni to be well, she calls her neurologist and tells him about Roshni's condition but learn that Phatka is in a critical condition when Roshni wakes up and insists on seeing Phatka and walks towards the operation theater while the doctor operates on Phatka. Later, the police arrives and holds an enquiry during which Roshni reveals that the accident was caused by a car and goes on to give two numbers on the car's number plate. She says she saw her face and she seemed like a spoilt rich girl who was drunk. durgardevi says she wants that girl to be punished and even her parents. Kritika gets nervous thinking how can she try to kill Roshni during inebriation. Simran comes and asks what happened. Kritika says they met after so many years and again will be separated. Simran asks what happened. She takes Roshni’s name, but then thinks if she tells about Roshni, Simran will not help her. She says a kid came in between her car and met with an accident by mistake. Simran says they should inform the police about it. Kritika hugs her and says she does not want to separate from her again. Simran says nobody will separate us. Just then the door bells rings.

The ACP asks Roshni to come to the police station and identify the culprit. Siddharth says he will accompany her, but goes with the doctor to donate his blood to Phatka. Durgardevi accompanies Roshni to the police station, and Roshni identified Kritika. The ACP tells them it is the Khurana group’s car. Durgardevi says she will hire a good lawyer and will get the culprit punished. The inspector arrests Kritika but she pleads Simran to save her. Simran asks the inspector to leave her daughter. He says Kritika is under influence of alcohol to crushed a lady and a kid and they both are in critical condition. Simran says she will get them treated. The Inspector tells her she can get a bail. She asks who filed the complaint. He says Durgardevi Patel and leaves with Kritika. Simran asks Raj to get her daughter back at any cost. Raj says Kritika crushed 2 lives under the influence of alcohol. Simran says she just wants her daughter back, else he will see her dead body in the morning. Naani sees Durgardevi and Roshni are resting on Siddharth’s shoulders and get elated. Durgardevi wakes up on getting a phone call by the ACP who informs her that Kritika got a bail.


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