Chinese policeman shows big guns at gym.

Chinese policeman shows big guns at gym
Chinese policeman shows big guns at gym
The 30-something-year-old from Shenzhen city in south China’s Guangdong Province has caught the attention of netizens thanks to his physique, and got thumbed up because of the positive image he is shedding on the country’s police force.

However, the beefy man, who has been likened to Hulk because of his bulky and muscled shape, had its own beef with gymnasiums.
For a long time, he had been out of shape, leading a sedentary life playing online video games and not caring about food quality or exercise.
The lightbulb moment for Qu came when he was recovering from a basketball-related injury. He thought of changing his self-image, and thus started hitting the gym, encouraged by his fitness-loving colleague.
He stuck to basic training in the first few years, then took a step further as he cranked his exercise up a notch, following a strict meal plan and daily routines at the gym. Soon, he started to take part in local bodybuilding competitions.
“Don’t take the pressure from work as an excuse to skip going to the gym,” suggested Qu.
“Some 40 minutes, which you might use to play with your phone, could be invested in exercise and that will make a change,” he added.
Netizens wished Qu’s determination would break the stereotype of China’s policemen being feeble, as well as set an example of a positive and healthy lifestyle.


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