David Oyedepo Ministries: Prophetic Declarations for this week.

David Oyedepo Ministries
David Oyedepo Ministries

Anything out of place in your life is restored today in the name of Jesus!

The great God, Who subdues mountains, will arise on your behalf in Jesus' name!
As you praise God, you will begin to break through every resistance in Jesus’ name!
Everything resisting your advancement is brought down today in Jesus' name!
Everything that has etched you in is broken down today in Jesus’ name!
Every terminal situation shall experience a turnaround today in Jesus' name!
Every form of pain and discomfort drops off your life today in Jesus’ name!
Today, your enemies shall be judged!
By the favour of God at work in your life, those who hate you will favour you in Jesus' name!
From today, your labour shall no longer be in vain!
As you praise God this week, the turnaround God will intervene in your situation!
Receive the grace to mind your spiritual life, so that you can qualify for the next level of blessings God has in store for you in Jesus’ name!
Everything God has ordained for you this year shall come to pass before you arrive at Shiloh 2016!
Before Shiloh 2016, God will re-brand your life supernaturally!
Welcome to your week of supernatural turnaround testimonies!


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