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Pilot awarded for avoiding crash at Shanghai airport.

Pilot awarded for avoiding crash at Shanghai airport.

A China Eastern Airlines pilot was awarded a cash prize of three million yuan (443,708 US dollars), while his crew members received 600,000 yuan (88,741 US dollars) in total, for successfully avoiding a potential
catastrophic crash at Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport last month.
Captain He Chao, who was commanding the airline’s Airbus A320, was also honored as an “excellent Party member” by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) at a commendation meeting held Thursday in Shanghai.

On October 11, Tianjin-bound flight MU564 was taxing for take-off on the runway when it nearly bumped into another A330 plane approaching the same runway.
But He took an executive decision, swerving his plane on air as it had already reached a flyable speed, clearing the runway for the A330 by only about 19 meters.
Findings of the investigation released by CAAC on October 21 attributed the incident to mistakes made by staff at the air traffic control tower, as they gave clearance to both aircraft at Hongqiao airport.
Following the incident, 13 officials from the East China Air Traffic Management Bureau, as well as the bureau’s air traffic control center and safety management department, were punished. While some of them were given warnings, others lost their position and had air traffic control license confiscated.
He’s decisive action reverting a disaster has also won him praises online.
Many netizens on Sina Weibo said though he’s been award with a large sum of money, saving the lives of more than 400 passengers is priceless and an act of greatness.


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