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The shocking double life of a ‘cat lover’

The shocking double life of a ‘cat lover’

In many people’s eyes, Huang Pingfu is a man of love and compassion. The kindly fellow is even known in his neighborhood in Chengdu for taking care of stray cats.

But a recent discovery has shattered his image and exposed his hypocrisy. Huang, it transpires, has been illegally running an underground slaughterhouse and was complicit in cat meat smuggling for nearly two decades.
Huang kept some expensive breeds of cat in his home, but during the night, he sent stray cats with less monetary value to his slaughterhouse in the countryside. According to the police, Huang slaughtered the stray cats and then mixed them up with meat from other animals to sell them at a market.
Not only did he accept stray felines from trusting strangers who found them on the streets, he also hired people to steal cats from their owners. And since the city of Chengdu does not allow the trade of cat meat, he also exported them to other places.
He said he could slaughter and sell over 100 stray cats every day, earning him a daily income of up to 3,000 yuan (434 US dollars). Normally he would brand and sell them as rabbit meat, which, according to him, “tastes similar.”
Huang is now in police custody, his underground slaughterhouse has been shut and the captive cats have been freed.


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