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Tuesday On Twist Of Fate
Abhi's Daadi and her cousins come to the hotel to meet Abhi and give him and Pragya a surprise. The receptionist says he cannot let them in without Abhi’s permission.

 Another receptionist says they are Abhi’s family and Abhi will get them out of work if he will know about it and gives wrong room number to Daadis. The receptionist asks why did he give them wrong number. He says let them wander for some time, he will inform Abhi before that.
Abhi is busy romancing Tanu in her room. Daadi's cousin asks Daadi what will be Abhi and Pragya’s reaction if they see them. Daadi says she should tell them that they brought her here and that when they have come here, let us meet them. They say they will tell surprise…. when they come out. A fat man comes out just then. Daadi's cousin says she is seeing someone else than Abhi. Daadi tells her he is not our Abhi as he is black and fat. The man says he is not Abhi and he booked this room. Daadi's cousin says she will teach receptionist a lesson as he lied to them. They then sees Pragya in the corridor. Pragya gets shocked seeing Daadi and her cousins and tries to somehow keep her from reaching Abhi's room as he is busy spending time with Tanu. Daadi’s asks her about Abhi and ask where he is hiding. Abhi who is busy with Tanu gets Pragya’s call, but he does not pick. Tanu thinks she must be jealous of her and says she will enjoy scolding her. She picks up the call and asks her not to disturb her. Pragya repeatedly says Daadi has come, but Tanu does not listen to her at all and switched off the phone. Pragya thinks how to take Daadi’s to Tanu’s room, they will not go before meeting Abhi. She tries to engage Daadi with her talks.
Abhi tries to sleep, but cannot as he gets Pragya’s flashback. He thinks she is a ghost that he cannot forget her at all. Pragya on the other hand tells Daadi and her cousins she forgot her room number, asks them to wait and to rest on the sofa while she finds the room and goes to Abhi's room to warn him about Daadi. Daadi's cousin asks how will she find the room. Pragya says there is a showpiece outside her room, she will find and take them later. Pragya knocks Tanu’s room door. She comes out and asks her why is she disturbing her. Pragya asks about Abhi. Tanu says he is not in a position to talk to her and asks her to walk out silently. Pragya says she wants to talk to Abhi, else they will be in big problem. Tanu says she is a big problem and she tries to shut door on her. Pragya pushes her and tries to get it, and she pushes her out. Abhi comes out and asks why did she come here. Pragya informs him about Daadi's sudden entry to meet them. Abhi asks her to bring them here and tries to close the door, but then gets conscious and gets tensed. He takes both Pragya and Tanu in. Tanu and Pragya both start fighting with Tanu alleging that Pragya called Daadi's purposely to ruin her fun with Abhi. Pragya says she did not. Abhi stops them and says if Pragya would have called, she would have been in her room. The room boy comes and tells Abhi that his daadi’s are coming towards his room. He asks Tanu to hide to avoid Daadi and her cousins from seeing her. He tells her to hide inside fridge, toilet, etc. Pragya suggests window. Abhi likes her idea and hides her outside the window. Daadi’s ask the room boy about Abhi’s room number. He gives Abhi’s number to her. Daadi's cousin says let us go and check. Daadi says Pragya will come to take us to their room, but then agrees to Daadi's cousin demand and walks towards the room. Tanu gets afraid of height and gets back into the room. Abhi gets tensed and asks her to hide in the toilet. He then sees false ceiling and asks her to hide under it. Tanu says she will not as she is afraid of heights. Abhi says it is better than a window. He demonstrates how to get into false ceiling but instead gets trapped himself. Pragya and Tanu pulls him down, and he falls on Pragya.
Abhi and Pragya after hiding Tanu are convinced they can once again deceive their Daadi and her cousins and just then they hear a knock on the door. Abhi says he will act as sleeping. Pragya loosens her hair as if she was sleeping and opens the door. Daadis ask why did she take so long to open the door. Pragya gets shy. Daadi’s think she must be sleeping with Abhi. Daadi and her cousins enter the room and are happy to meet Abhi. Abhi acts as surprised and asks why did they come here. Daadi's say they came to give him a surprise and to check if he is behaving well with Pragya. Daadi's cousin sees Tanu’s dress and asks if she tried and showed it to Abhi. Pragya says she did not. Daadi then says we sent them to get a baby and they themselves are disturbing them, asks Abhi to continue while they meet him tomorrow. Tanu sees cockroach and starts shouting. While Daadi and her cousins are busy having a conversation with Pragya and Abhi, they hears sound from above and they asks Pragya what sound it is but Pragya tries pretends like she has heard nothing and tries to keep them deluded but Daadi and her cousins point towards the roof and say that they had heard the sound coming from the roof. Pragya later says Abhi’s mad fan is shouting from the window. Daadi asks him to speak to his fan. Abhi tries to speak to Tanu, but Pragya signals him to speak to his fan outside the window. Abhi shouts near the window and asks fan who is not there to stop shouting, else he will change his room. Daadi sees Pragya and Abhi sweating and asks them to switch on the AC. Tanu thinks she will get freezed if the AC is on. Daadi's cousin switches the AC on. Abhi acts as feeling cold and shivering. Daadi switches off the AC and asks Abhi and Pragya to rest. Daadi's cousin asks Pragya to chug Abhi and make him feel warm. Pragya hugs him tightly. Daadi get elated and leave from there.
Once they go out, Abhi starts shouting at Pragya and calls Tanu. Tanu instead falls in some other room. A man in the room sees her and gets elated. His wife comes and asks where did this girl come from. He says from the roof. she starts crying that she is the one he is hiding from many days. Bulbul gets up in the middle of night remembering her mother and gets into her room to check on her. Sarla is sound asleep. She gets back to her room. Daadi wakes up and sees them both sleeping, prays Vahe guru to protect her family.
Next morning, Daadi’s reach Pragya and Abhi’s room and say they wanted to give them surprise. Daadi's cousin sees Abhi sleeping and thinks he must have been awake the whole night. Abhi wakes up and asks when did they come. Daadi's cousin gives him rose and asks to dorn it on Pragya. Abhi keeps it on her ears and jokes that phool is on fool. Tanu reaches there and gets tensed seeing Daadi. Daadis ask why did she come there. Tanu says the producer hired her for advertisement. Daadi's cousin says Pragya looks beautiful than her. Abhi says they both are different and that one is rose flower and other is cauliflower, both are useful.
Daadi's see the producer with his wife at the hotel. The producer gets elated seeing them. Daadi says she will take back Abhi as she cannot see Tanu ramp walking with Abhi and that she will allow only if Pragya ramp walks with Abhi. The producer asks how can it be, but his wife says Daadi’s are right, only wife can walk with husband. Daadi's take Pragya to the ramp walk venue. Pragya gets nervous that she cannot ramp walk. Daadi says she has to do it for her sake. Pragya asks what about Abhi. Daadi says he cannot disobey her. Daadi's cousin says Pragya has agreed. Pragya cannot speak in front of Daadi's. Tanu asks the producer when is her ramp walk but the producer says his wife has selected another model. Tanu asks how can he do this to her and asks who is this model. The producer points at Pragya. She is shocked to see her.


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