Zee World drama series and celebrities:Tuesday On King Of Hearts.

Tuesday On King Of Hearts.
Baveja is seen holding a dress thinking that Samaira would look even more beautiful when she wears it. 

At the same moment, the doorbell rings where Baveja's servant shows up, saying that he requires leaves for few days and behalf of him, he is going to leave his sister at work. The servant's sister is no one but Roshni who claims herself to be Sushila. When Roshni speaks out, Samaira hears her voice and remembers it to be someone's whom she knows very well. Samaira then crawls up to a glass that was placed on the table and pushes it down.
Roshni gets back to her mother and husband where both of them get worried when they find the cut on Roshni's finger. Roshni claims that she has done it by herself in order to find the owner of the car key that she found on the table in Baveja's house. Later, Roshni and Siddharth devise a plan to trap Baveja where, Siddharth near Baveja's home starts insulting him on a mic. Unable to bear the insults Baveja calls the police up and informs them about Siddharth's activities.


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