Zee World drama series: Tuesday On Young Dreams

Tuesday On Young Dreams

They come near the gate when Gunjan remembers that she had told everyone that she will get basketball for Dholu who is at his friend's house.

 Mayank comes home and Seema is overjoyed while others are also happy. Gunjan returns with Dholu and the ball teases Mayank that he is back so soon. She says when she saw Mayank's drama she thought he wouldn't come for a long time. He teases her back saying he came for someone who would die without him he then says its his mother leaving a blushing Gunjan. Seema wants to serve sweets but Rachna and Gunjan go to the kitchen to get gulab jamuns for everyone where Rachna asks Gunjan if she is the season why Mayank is back. Gunjan is shocked at first but brushes it off that she went with Dholu while Mayank was at the bus stop. Rachna feels something is fishy. Gunjan goes to serve but ends up standing next to Mayank talking but Dholu interrupts saying she should serve everyone. After the meal Mayank wants Gunjan to meet him at the terrace and uses sign language to convey the same. Gunjan tries to escape but Shayl asks all the ladies to clean the rice. Mayank ends up banging his leg to the basketball. Gunjan is laughing while Dholu is angry. Gunjan is cleaning the rice while Mayank is trying to catch her attention but Gunjan can't meet him. Sangeeta is upset and worried that the reason Mayank was about to leave the house should not hinder the marriage. Gunjan is walking when someone pulls her in the room and it turns out that it's Mayank who corners her. He wants her to confess her love to him, holds her hand but Seema ends up disturbing them. Rachna tells shayl that she has to wear sports gear for hockey and Shayl enquires if it is wearing small clothes Rachna says yes and Shayl is shocked.
Shayl tells Rachna that she should wear knee length skirts and she can change once she reaches college. She reminds Rachna that no one has worn jeans in their house and her father has no idea she plays hockey. Gunjan is hiding behind Mayank's bed when Seema enters to give him milk. Mayank tells his mother that his body is aching so that he can send her from his room but Gunjan sees a cockroach and screams. Seema is shocked to see her in Mayank's room and even Mayank acts surprised. Gunjan says that she and Dholu are playing hide and seek. Mayank and Gunjan are in their respective rooms and use the table lamp to signal each other by switching it off and on. Gunjan meets Mayank on the terrace and gets surprised when she finds the terrace decorated with rose petals as he wants an answer from her and wants Gunjan to say the three letters words. Gunjan says you are mad. Mayank agrees he is mad for her then he tells her she need not say it as he can read it in her eyes. They are about to kiss when there's some sound and Gunjan leaves saying its getting late. Next morning, both Gunjan and Mayank are sleeping for a long time. Chaya comes to call Rachna for college. She says that she has got something to solve Rachna's problem for wearing skirt.They end up in the college bathroom trying to get rid of hair on Rachna's leg using hair removal cream. They spend more than 15 minutes inside causing a huge crowd outside the washroom. Shayl is trying to change Gunjan's dressing but Dayal calls and Mayank offers to help her. He gently ties the bandage on her neck. The perfect moment is disturbed by Charu who walks in. Gunjan and Mayank are both shocked. Charu says they both are looking funny as if they are playing statue, she starts asking Gunjan questions about her injuries and Gunjan is about to walk away, Mayank stops her. Charu then holds Mayank's hand. Gunjan is aghast and she drops a bomb saying that her parents have come to fix their marriage date. Mayank is heartbroken.
Charu holds Mayank's hand and keeps talking nonstop. Mayank is unhappy, Gunjan leaves the room and Mayank follows. Charu thinks that Mayank is not in good mood. Mayank comes down, takes Seema in a corner and tells her he does not want to marry at this point in time. Seema tells him to keep quiet in front of everyone while she handles the situation. Charu keeps giving weird expressions. Gunjan feels bad when Charu's parents address Mayank as their son-in-law. Charu's mother makes Gunjan serve sweets to everyone. When Gunjan is near Mayank he pats her hand reassuring that everything will be all right. Sangeeta makes Charu and Mayank sit together. Charu grabs Mayank's hand leaving Gunjan sad. Rachna is feeling weird as she is wearing a small skirt but Chaya encourages her that she has a great figure which makes girls jealous and guys check her out . Rachna is scared she will be late but reaches exactly on time and the coach is happy that everyone is on time. He announces the position which the girls will play and he gives Rachna defense. Rachna is unhappy and goes to the coach that she can attack well. The coach asks her who is the coach then holds her hand and takes her to the exact position she will be playing. Charu's mom gives few dates which she says are auspicious and are next month. Shayl says that Dayal and Mayank father need to discuss first and only then dates can be finalized. Charu's mother agrees but hints that they should choose between the next month dates. Rachna ends up falling and gets hurt. The coach does not bother and tells her to learn how to hold the hockey stick right, he turns the upside down stick and leaves. Rachna comes home and is happy that Mayank and Charu are about to get married and teases both of them . Before going Charu gives Mayank a pendant which has pictures of both of them and sings hum tum ek pendent mein band ho. Dayal enters Rachna's room while trying to dress her wound. Her hockey stick is lying outside and Rachna is shocked
Dayal sees the newspaper on the table and is about to grab it. Rachana notices her hockey stick near the bed which is near the table. She quickly rushes and grabs the newspaper giving it to Dayal. He tells her to take care of her wound. She says yes and he walks out. Rachana thinks luckily he didn’t see the hockey stick and wonders how long she has to hide this from him. Dolu comes into the room and talks to her about DID lil’ masters show. Gunjan is thinking about the discussion of Mayank and Charu's wedding when Mayank comes and asks her if she isn’t going to congratulate him on his wedding date being fixed and Gunjan congratulates him angrily and he thanks her in a sarcastic way and grabs her hand, asks her where she’s going and she tells him isn’t he even ashamed that his wedding is being fixed and he’s still holding her hand and she tells him to let go. He tells her he won’t let go easily. Seema tells Sangeetha to dry the clothes but Sangeetha tells her right now its important for her to cook and tells Seema to do it herself. Seema complains to herself and carries the pile of clothes. Gunjan keeps insisting that Mayank lets her hand go and he in return says she has so much anger. He tells her that he also is angry about the wedding and Gunjan replies he doesn’t care about her happiness and tells him to celebrate by dancing. Mayank jokingly tells her what her favourite dance is and he will dance to it. Mayank hears Seema’s voice and he lets go of Gunjan’s hand.


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