Chinese users report iPhone fires.

Chinese users report iPhone fires

Chinese iPhone users have reported iPhone 6 smartphones bursting into flames in the latest criticism Apple faces as it carries out a replacement program for deficient batteries.
A woman surnamed Chen from Zhejiang Province told CCTV that her iPhone 6 Plus exploded this summer when it was beside her in a car. She approached Apple China for a refund, but the company refused, saying the explosion was caused by “external factors.”
Chinese users report iPhone fires.

The Shanghai Consumer Council, an organization protecting consumers’ rights, handled eight cases in relation to self-ignition of iPhones between September and November and helped the phones’ owners communicate with Apple for a replacement
“My phone burst into flames when I set it on a chair to charge. The chair was almost on fire,” said a woman surnamed Liu from Jiangsu Province in China, where it is common practice to only identify people by their surnames.
Liu said Apple would not admit a deficiency with the phone and asked her to send it to the US for testing.
There has been no official statement from Apple Inc. about the claimed explosions.
Wang Dong, director of the Shanghai Consumer Council’s legal research department, urged Apple to give a clear explanation of the cause. Though the company has replaced some burnt phones, it also needs to pay more attention to Chinese consumers’ rights, Wang said.
Apple has been swamped with complaints about a battery bug which has caused iPhone 6 phones to shut off suddenly. A technical member of staff with an Apple Store in Manhattan, New York told Business Insider that around 80 percent of the cases the store handled were a result of the battery fault.
Apple China is allowing users of certain iPhone 6 models to return them for a replacement, though Chinese consumer groups have slammed the Californian phone maker for not instigating a broader recall.
This year has been an ordeal for top international smartphone brands. After users of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s reported their phones spontaneously combusted, the company implemented a replacement program and then recalled around 2.5 million Note 7s worldwide. Samsung has now pulled this series of phones off the market in a move that will reportedly cost it 17 billion US dollars in lost sales revenue.


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