Friday December 16 On King Of Hearts, Zee World series.

 Zee World
Friday On King Of Hearts
Roshni finds her father playing with little kids and hears him tell the kids that his daughter has grown up. In the meantime, Roshni starts questioning her father as to why he lied to her and others. But when Shivpathi tries to give his explanation, Roshni does not give him a chance to speak. Siddharth, who is witnessing this, tries to speak in the favour of Shivpathi. He gets trapped when Roshni questions him about being involved in this plan. Siddharth accepts that he is involved in this plan.
Biji is at Durgadevi's showroom to purchase some ornaments, but she realizes that she has forgot to carry her wallet. Seeing this, Durgadevi asks Biji to pay her the money later. Biji calls her driver up and asks her to get her wallet. When the driver reaches the showroom, Durgadevi is taken by surprise as the driver working for Biji is Shivpathi. Shivpathi tells Biji that he has searched the entire car but cannot find her wallet. Biji starts scolding Shivapathi in front of Durgadevi and Roshni.


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