Grandma with cancer a guardian angel.

Grandma with cancer a guardian angel

Yan Jing has not let old age or ill health stand in her way. The 86-year-old resident of Jinan in east China’s Shandong Province was diagnosed with esophageal cancer 20 years ago but she continues to volunteer as a school crossing guard after numerous life-saving operations.
Singleton Yan says getting out and about and meeting people stops her from feeling lonely and gives her a sense of purpose. She also offers nearby sanitation workers food and water, bought with her pension.
Yan is one of millions of cancer sufferers in China. The disease is a major public health problem, with 4.3 million new cancer cases and 2.8 million deaths reported last year alone.
While China faces up to how to improve cancer care and tackle risk factors, Yan’s courage and public service is an inspiration to her fellow citizens.
“I will keep doing all this as long as I live,” she said.


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