IDENTITY is one thing we should all discover: Stella Damasus.

Stella Damasus
IDENTITY is one thing we should all discover. Without it, no new year resolution, business plan or life strategy will make sense. Knowing who I am has led me to make serious decisions and changes which has already started improving my life. I AM A KINGDOM DIPLOMAT. A member of the reformation squad, strategically raised and positioned, according to God's kingdom order to reform, restructure, reshape and reposition systems that have eroded society and nations of their prophetic destinies. I am not restricted by denomination, locked up by religion, silenced by tradition, biased by color, caged by Babylonian agenda, hindered by location or darkened by corruption. I am destined and determined to emerge as a SOLUTION PROVIDER, who will pioneer notable reformation in all spheres of society with Kingdom messages. I am called to positively and strategically invade cultural spheres, gateways and mold social minds. I am going to be sharing more of this on @soldierinredlipstick those who have said I am getting too spiritual, you know what to do. Those who say I am boring because of all the God talk (click the unfollow button). I will not be defined by the expectations of man, neither will I try to make myself into what I am not. I was born to transform and reform through entertainment. Thank God for his mercies.


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