Kind embrace: Surgeon holds 102-year-old patient before operation.

Kind embrace: Surgeon holds 102-year-old patient before operation
Before going under the knife, most patients typically go under anesthesia. But for this 102-year-old patient from Harbin, northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, safely being put to sleep for an operation was quite a challenge, requiring extra patience and care.
As general anesthesia carries some risks for older patients, and lying in a horizontal position for such a long time could provide some discomfort for the elderly lady, surgeon Zhao Liang decided to hold her in his arms so that she could remain conscious while being administered with a local anesthetic.
“It’s a technique that I’ve never read before in my medical textbook,” said Zhao earlier in December, who works at the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University.
To keep her warm and calm, Zhao also covered her with a quilt and tried to keep her as calm as possible.
The warm moment was photographed by hospital staff and posted online. As soon as the news surfaced, netizens were quick to praise his professional and caring attitude.
Zhao performed two surgeries that day, and it wasn’t until later on that he realized the images of him holding the elderly lady had gone viral online. Humble and modest about all the praise he had received, he simply commented that he had just been doing his job, according to local media.
While Zhao’s kindness is a heartwarming story, on the other hand there have been recent reports of hospitals growing reluctant towards taking on elderly patients, because of higher risks during surgery and longer rehabilitation periods compared to younger patients. One Weibo user mentioned that his 80-year-old grandmother was rejected by her local hospital when she broke her arm and needed surgery.


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