Monday On King Of Hearts, Zee World drama series.

Monday On King Of Hearts, Zee World drama series.
Monday On King Of Hearts
Kritika is seen crying over Rajveer's death and accuses Siddharth and Roshni's family for the incident. She warns Siddharth that she would do the same with him where she would remove Roshni and Durgadevi from his life. Kritika stands against Siddharth and asks the support of her family to stand against Siddharth. Later, Roshni and Siddharth are seen at the police station where Durgadei is locked up and request the police to pave a path for Durgadevi's evasion. The police inspector instructs Siddharth to hire a good lawyer and further asks him to get everybody in Dugadevi's favour when she is confronted before the judge at the court.
The pending case of Durgadevi continues and the lawyer of Kritika calls out Siddharth and questions him about Rajveer's death. He also proves Siddharth to have been involved in this plan. Siddharth defends himself and Durgadevi by pulling out a toy gun and pointing it towards the lawyer. The lawyer gets scared and throws his files at Siddharth, in order to protect himself. Siddharth uses this same scene to prove the judge that what just happened here also happened with Durgadevi and that's the reason she fired the revolver at Rajveer. Siddharth's lawyer calls Kritika to interrogate her but before he could question her anything, Kritika takes the case back.


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