Netizens praise traffic cop who cut through congestion for ambulance.

Netizens praise traffic cop who cut through congestion for ambulance

Falling to his knees, this man couldn’t think of any better way of expressing his sincere thanks to a traffic police officer who did his utmost to clear congestion and make way for an ambulance in Shenzhen. The city in south China's Guangdong Province suffers from serious traffic congestion, and was named in one study as the eighth most congested Chinese city in 2015.
Since photos of the man kneeling in gratitude were posted on Shenzhen Luohu District Traffic Police’s official Weibo account last Sunday, they were soon widely shared by netizens, making the story a big talking point across Chinese social media.
According to local police, the officer in question, named Ai Lijun, together with his colleagues did all they could to clear busy traffic, making sure an ambulance got to a nearby hospital in only seven minutes, saving precious time for emergency medical treatment.
The patient’s family was moved by the officer’s efforts, and extended their gratitude to Ai by kneeling down before him.
Chinese netizens expressed their deep admiration for the police officer’s actions after the photos became an online sensation.
“Really thank you, the police officers. At the critical moment, it was the police who came to the rescue as soon as possible,” commented @Zhuanshushuangyuzuo213.
“Actually, this represents traditional Chinese virtues,” said @Aliyaohou.


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