On Young Dreams Today.

On Young Dreams Today.
Wednesday On Young Dreams
Seema says that she is ready for Gunjan and Mayank's marriage and feed Gunjan by her own hand. Gunjan is surprised to see a sudden change in Seema's behaviour. Sangeeta gets furious as Seema had accepted Gunjan as her daughter in-law and ask her if she is alright? Just 2 minutes ago she was saying no one is better for her son than Charu and now she have suddenly changed. She shouts at her that she doesn't care about society and what people will say. Seema replies that she only cares about Mayank and his bright future, the rest she don’t care. Prabhu shouts at Seema and asks if she is out of her mind, for getting blind in Mayank’s love and invitation cards has been printed out. Seema replies that it's only cards that has been printed, but marriage is yet to be done. Prabhu gets shocked. Seema further says that he don’t have to do anything, she will manage this situation on her own. Sangeeta replies,” how will she manage, all blame will go on the bride’s family. Seema asks if Charu will agree to marry to that person who doesn't care or love her? Prabhu get devastated and says she should keep him away from this matter and tells Dayal that whatever is happening is wrong and leaves from the dining table. Shail tries to stop Prabhu but Seema tells her not to and that when he sees happiness on Mayank's face, he will forget all these things. Dayal ask Seema if she is prepared mentally for accepting this marriage? Seema replies yes she is ready to accept Gunjan and Mayank as a couple. Sangeeta gets upset, Shail and Rachna are elated. Seema further adds that there is only one problem, what will happen when Rachna’s in laws, get to know about this news. Shail replies,” not to worry, she will manages the situation. The most important thing is that she and Mayank are happy. Everyone is happy,even Dayal except Sangeeta.
Rachna tells Gunjan that she told her whatever the situation will be, god will show some path and will give Mayank to Gunjan only, and see this only has happened. Excited Gunjan say she can’t believe that the family members have agreed to this marriage, this is a miracle. Dholu and Mayank enters the room and Mayank say there is no credit for his hard work and further adds that she was enjoying in camp and he was chakki pissoying at home. Gunjan replies that he will do the exact thing in future also. Gunjan and Rachna both laugh. Dholu tells Mayank to see how the girls are laughing at him. Mayank tells Dholu not to be tensed and he will take care of these girls. Rachna comes forward and say no he can't come forward, as the marriage has not taken place yet. Mayank grabs Rachna’s ear that she is his sister but still she is taking Gunjan's side. Rachna says that she is from bride side and this room is hers. Mayank and she tells Dholu that he also should go out of their room. Rachna pushes them out of the room. Dholu replies not to push them, they are also from groom the side, they will pick Gunjan sister and take her away with them. Mayank tells Dholu that she is not his sister now, now she is his sister's in-law. Rachna pushes them out of the room and close the door and tell Gunjan that she is really really happy for her. both have light-cute moment.
Dholu tells Mayank that he is all smiley today. Mayank says yes he is and this is all because of Shail and her mother and he must thank her mother and ask Dholu whether he knows where she is? Dholu replies that she is in the kitchen. Mayank goes to meet her and see her serving food in plate. Mayank watches her and ask that everything in the plate is looking perfect, she must be making his father's plate. Seema tells him that she tries to be perfect but still people remain angry on her. Seema further adds that his father will only pacifiy after having his food, otherwise he will do mahabharat all night long. Mayank hugs Seema from behind and thank her for all the things she has done for him. Seema tells Mayank that no mother in this world can bear the sadness in her child’s eye, and he is her only son. How can she tolerate seeing him in that state. Mayank says that he always misunderstood her. Seema tells Mayank that she liked Charu a lot, and her family was also good, how will Charu bear all this mishappening? and Charu’s parents will also blame them, but still whatsoever she is also a mother and how can she bear his child pain. Mayank hugs her, Seema is happy and gets emotional. Mayank say, that she is the best mother in the world and he is the loser son. Seema tells Mayank that always be like this, even after marriage. Mayank replies he will always love her like this and she is the most important part of his life and apologizes to Seema.
Back at the girls room, Gunjan is on bed thinking about her and Mayank good moments and smiling. Mayank calls her and she reply who is this? Mayank says he is the same person whom she is missing and smiling for. Gunjan ask why he has called her, Mayank tell Gunjan that he is really really excited and want to tell Gunjan to come on the terrace, Gunjan asks right now? She was about to get up from bed, when suddenly Shail comes in the room and sees Gunjan talking, Gunjan say aunt while Mayank gets nervous listening to Shail and Gunjan. Shail ask whom she is talking to? Gunjan reply that she is talking to some friend from Mumbai and he is clinging on her. Hearing this Mayank in his naughtiness tone say okay so am clingy..hmmm and smiles. Gunjan tells Mayank she will call him later. Shail say that she is feeling good, after watching her happy. Gunjan say,” all thanks to her aunt that she and Mayank are together because she stopped her from going to Australia. Gunjan further adds that Shail has to take all blames only because of her. Shail tells Gunjan that all wells that end wells and for her children happiness, anything can be forgiven. she further adds that she will have to talk to Gunjan’s father. Gunjan gets tensed that she will inform everything to her father. Shail laughs and say that she is also from groom side and will ask her father for her hand in marriage. Gunjan gets elated and shy. Shail says, that without him how can they proceed further. Gunjan says that she hope her father gives her the permission and Shail assures Gunjan not to worry, as his father consider this marriage proposal and will give her permission too. Shail adores Gunjan and say today if Sneha has been with them, she would have become so happy watching her. Gunjan tells Shail not to cry and says wherever my mother would be she must be very happy, as alwayz super excited. Gunjan further adds that she will always miss her mother but now she will get used to it and say whosever made this word aunt has given appropriate name, but her case is diffrent as she is not her aunt but she is her mamma. Shail listening to this gets happy and emotional. Gunjan ask Shail whether she can call her mamma. Shail gets elated when Gunjan decides to address her as 'Mamma'. Shail started crying and they both hug.
The next morning, Prabhu shouts that this is really a big trouble and Seema has told her decision without knowing the consequences. Sangeeta tells Prabhu that how will she face Charu’s family. Prabhu ask Dayal to do something. Dayal tells Prabhu that the situation has become really sensitive and they have to take any step cautiously. Gopal suggest that they should talk to Charu’s family as soon as possible. Dayal also agree and that they must also go to Rachna’s in laws and inform them about it because if they get to know this information from outside, misunderstanding can occur. Seema agrees and say that all the elders from family should go to Charu’s house to inform them. Dayal decides to visit Charu's place in the evening with Shail, Prabhu and Sangeeta but Sangeeta refuses to accompany them and to keep her away from this matter. Charu enters and greet Sangeeta and ask for Mayank as she having bad intuition since yesterday. Charu further greet Seema and seema ask why has she come? Is there any important work? Charu say she has came for the glimpse of Mayank. Gunjan and Rachna comes from upstairs. Charu greet Rachna and ask how is she? Mayank and the rest of the family feel awkward when Charu visits the Garg residence. Dholu comes and start laughing, Charu ask why is he laughing? Sangeeta tell Charu to ignore Dholu. Dholu tell tells his mother's Sangeeta to tell Charu about the change. Charu ask what he wants to say. Dholu says that she will not be her sister's in-law now, it will be gunjan. Sangeeta and seema get pissed and the rest get shocked. Charu also gets the shock of her life when Dholu naively tells her that Gunjan would become his sister in-law.
Everyone is shocked, Sangeeta takes Dholu away from the hall, Charu is mad, and gives a sudden stare at Gunjan, she shouts that Dholu told her Gunjan and Mayank are going to get married, Seema tries to calm her down, and shouts at her also, Mayank comes, and approaches Charu. She counter questions Mayank to tell her that this is not true, and also asks questions to the whole family, She is now furious, and grabs Gunjan’s arm that she had her eyes on Mayank, and that she is jealous of her getting married to Mayank. At the college, Rachna and Gunjan are walking and she asks Gunjan why is she crying. She wipe Gunjan’s face that she need to be happy for her dream to come true then they leave and while Rachna is going to the class she, she gets upset on seeing Rajeev and Anushka together in the college and starts to cry to herself, Chaya sees her friend crying and asks why is she feeling sad, for a person that ignored her. Back at the Garg residence, Sangeetha is crying that all of them have hurted Charu’s heart.
Mayank and Gunjan, are on the terrance, Gunjan is having a nice time with Mayank, and he makes fun of her, then he says that he can’t see Gunjan crying, and she makes a promise to him and they both hug to each other. Shail is getting ready to go to Charu’s house, and Seema says to Sangeeta that what's the point. Seema questions Sangeeta about Charu's family's reaction after learning about Mayank's decision. Dayal decides to visit Charu's residence along with Shail to convince them to accept his decision. Dayal and Shail return from Charu's residence and feel guilty that charu's parents didn't react to their refusal. Seema gets happy about it and decides to arrange Gunjan and Mayank's engagement before Diwali. Dayal is talking to Aakash and he is full of joy receiving his calls and later gets nervous when Dayal says it's about Gunjan. He says Shail will tell him the matter, Aakash says okay but kind of confused. Shail informs Aakash about Mayank and Gunjan's affair. She requests Aakash to accept the alliance. Aakash calls Gunjan and she is full of excitement hearing her father voice.
Akash says that he is happy for her, and asks her if she is happy about it, and she says yes. Mayank sees behind and grabs the phone from her, then talks to Aakash, after the conversation, Gunjans says that she wants to talk again, then he asks how much she love him, to her, and just for fun, Gunjan says she don’t love him at all.
Gunjan, Rachna and Chaya talks on their way to college when suddenly a guy on a motorbike does some stunts. Gunjan is really annoyed. The guy jokingly pulls Gunjan’s scarf when he notices her. He removes his helmet only to reveal it's Vihaan. Gunjan decides to teach Vihaan a lesson, she walks up to him and asks for her scarf back. He refuses to give it back saying even if she complains no one would believe her as he did not hurt anyone so who’s she going to complain with or will she have to go alone. Suddenly a nerdy guy walks up to Vihaan and says he will go with her to complain. Vihaan says he thinks rather than supporting Gunjan the nerdy guy himself needs support. The nerdy guys is about to pick a fight with Vihaan when Vihaan calls his friends and they come and carry the nerdy boy away. He taunts Gunjan more and rides away. Chaya is so impressed with his style and Gunjan is repulsed and says she’ll get back her scarf from him. Gunjan is determined to get her scarf from Vihaan. Rachna says she will get late for Sociology class and Chaya says so will she. Gunjan realizes Chaya is lying and tells her since when did she take Sociology and drags her along.
Rachna sees Rajeev and says to herself wonder why she sees him everywhere. Rajeev sees Rachna and asks a girl to call her. The girl calls Rachna saying they are discussing something about the upcoming match but Rachna says she is not feeling well and walks away. Gunjan tells Chaya she’s not going to be able to run away. Chaya tells her is it necessary to get Vihaan into trouble and what if they get caught and Gunjan tells her to shut up and tells her to keep walking. Gunjan spots Vihaan’s bike and Chaya says they shouldn’t and Gunjan tells her to chill and that if someone messes with her then they have to do something about it. Gunjan pulls a hair pin from Chaya’s hair and tells her to stand there. Gunjan is about to puncture the tyre of Vihaan’s bike when she thinks to herself she shouldn’t do it like a thief when she wasn’t at fault in the first place. Savitri tells Shail that Vihaan is back and Shail says that’s great. Savitri says she wished that Rachna and Vihaan meet each other and Shail says the world maybe be modern but Dayal will not agree to them meeting alone and afterall even all of them want to meet Vihaan. Shail tells her to come over to their house that she wants to discuss something important and Savitri says they will come after her husband returns from out of town and they will also do a formal engagement. Shail is elated to hear this and says they are all eager to meet Vihaan. Shail says to tell her when they are coming and to send her love and blessings to Vihaan and puts the phone down. At in college, Gunjan sticks a funny banner on Vihaan's bike. Vihaan is showing off on his bike again and Gunjan tells Chaya and Rachna to watch the fun. Vihaan is riding and the students make fun of him and Rachna sees at the back of the bike that a paper is stuck written that jumping jack is his name and making people laugh is his work. He realizes people laughing and sees the banner. He angrily shouts asking who did this and Gunjan comes forward that he is not the only one who can be bad and that others can be bad too and pulls her scarf from his neck and walks away.
Gunjan and Rachna are laughing about how Gunjan made a fool of Vihaan. Shail comes and asks them what are they happy about and what did they do at college. Rachna is about to tells her when Gunjan says just the usual fun at college. Shail says today must be a happy day. Gunjan asks why and Shail says because Rachna’s groom is in Benaras and Gunjan says that is good news and she is sure would have made kheer food. Rachna looks upset. Gunjan tells Rachna she must be happy and asks Shail when does she get to meet her brother-in-law and if he is coming to the house. Shail says yes. Suddenly they hear Charu’s voice calling Mayank and Gunjan. Charu tells Sangeeta she wants to meet Gunjan and Mayank and Sangeeta asks her why. She says she wants to talk to them and won’t say anything that will hurt their feelings.


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