One last time: Elderly couple reunites before husband passes away.

One last time: Elderly couple reunites before husband passes away
“In sickness and in health, until death do us part." These words form the wedding vows many couples make to one another as they get married, but do we ever consider what they truly mean?
A touching photograph was captured recently in Ningbo, east China’s Zhejiang Province, showing a couple in their nineties, lying in hospital beds side by side, hand in hand.
The nonagenarian pair was separated into two different treatment rooms, for heart problems and a bone fracture respectively.
The 92-year-old man, who had been in the ICU on the third floor of Yinzhou People's Hospital, made a decision along with the rest of his family to stop his treatment, after suffering from organ failure. As he was withdrawn from the medicine and machines keeping him alive, the man expressed a strong desire to see his wife.
The elderly lady on the 14th floor, however, couldn’t sit in a wheelchair by herself, not to mention come over for a visit, as she had broken her femur.
Although the two wards were only one minute away from each other by elevator, the short distance completely divided the couple.
ICU nurse Wang Yanfang decided to help the pair reunite after she heard about their struggles to get back together. She negotiated with other members of staff at the hospital staff to make sure the elderly couple could meet each other again.
“I will take care of myself and I will come see you as soon as I get better,” said the elderly lady, when she was finally brought to her husband’s side, with the help of Wang.
The image of them lying alongside one another hand in hand was shared on Wechat by Wang, who said “as a nurse, I met demands beyond my duty as a medical worker, but it was worth it.”
”I’m just wondering if such a thing can happen to me when I reach the last stages of my life,” she added.
Sadly, however, the elderly man passed away on Tuesday, according to local media.
Many netizens were moved by their story, with a lot of them mentioning the importance of understanding the merits of true love. One Weibo user @woshifuluwa said that the both heartbreaking and heartwarming image made him recall his own grandparents who were so well-suited, and couldn’t even bear to be apart from one another for a minute.


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