‘Only Mom is the best’ – Mother's sleeping tears during life-saving operation.

‘Only Mom is the best’ – Mother's sleeping tears during life-saving operation
“Only mom is the best in the world. The child who has a mom is like a piece of treasure.”
The lyrics to the Chinese nursery rhyme came to minds of many netizens this week, when the heartwarming story of Yao Yanzhi’s decision to give up her kidney to save her child’s life became a hot topic on social media.
Chen Tan, the son, a senior university student, was diagnosed with uremia four years ago. To save her child, Yao’s family went to Hefei, the provincial capital of Anhui Province, in November for an operation. Yao saved diligently for her hospital fee and lived in a budget hotel before the procedure.
“I’ve waited for this day for so long. No matter what the result is, this is the only chance to save my son,” Yao told Jianghuai Daily, an Anhui-based newspaper, ahead of the operation.
After one month of tests, Yao and her child were sent to the operating theater on Thursday for the nine-hour kidney transplant.
With Yao and her child reported to be recovering well, a photo capturing a tear rolling down the mother’s cheek while still under anesthesia was published online, causing a sensation.
Seeing this photo, many Chinese netizens were moved by motherhood and the saying “motherhood gives power to a woman” was widely shared on social media.
Weibo user @Yizhigudandetaozili said “this is a mother’s instinct…”, while other netizens expressed their hopes that mother and daughter soon return to full health.
Dr. Pan Zhengguo, one of the surgeons who performed the transplant, said the mother could be discharged from hospital two weeks after the operation, while her child could leave around three months later. May they recover soon!


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