Private jet for less than $100 in amazing Christmas treat!

Private jet for less than $100 in amazing Christmas treat!

Three British women last week have unexpectedly received an extravagant Christmas treat as the only passengers onboard a British Airways flight, despite having paid just 80 pounds for an economy seat.
The trio set to fly back from the Gibraltar to London Heathrow on December 18, turned up late at the airport that day after learning beforehand about the three-hour delay online. However upon arrival, they were told all the passengers who arrived on scheduled time had been squeezed onto an earlier flight.
Travelling alone on the due plane meant for 150 people, the three were ushered into the business class by the crew members and provided with an impressive top-range flight treatment including the attentive service of stewardess, three-course meals as well as the unlimited champagne.
They were also allowed to pose in the jet’s aisle, take selfies and videos in the cockpit as well as enjoy a privileged excess to the executive lounge during the 2.5-hour flight.
“We put on our shades and had a great time partying on board. We joked about being a girl band and took videos of us strolling up and down the aisles,” said Laura Steven, one of the trio, adding that the amazing trip where they had been treated like celebrities was the best Christmas present they have ever received.


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