Saraki:Today, I hosted a Roundtable on Nigeria’s Electricity Supply Industry.

Today, I hosted a Roundtable on Nigeria’s Electricity Supply Industry at the Senate.
The objective of this Roundtable was to brainstorm and find quick relief solutions for Nigeria’s rapidly flatlining electricity supply industry — in order to prevent it from collapse.
Moving forward, the Senate will be working to set up mechanisms to address the various challenges that are facing Nigeria’s electricity supply industry.
We will begin this process with a Public Hearing in January, that will allow us to examine issues that border around the shortfalls in funding that the sector has experienced; the governance structures of the distribution companies; and the capitalistion/liquidity of the electricity generation and distribution sector as a whole.
I want to reiterate this is in the clearest possible terms: the electricity industry is a necessary component of Nigeria’s economic growth, doing nothing to fix it is not an option. We must act now, and we will act fast for the sake of all Nigerians to get our power sector back on track.


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