The classroom-themed restaurant with a big serving of nostalgia.

The classroom-themed restaurant with a big serving of nostalgia

Do you ever long for the good old days of classrooms and carefree fun with your classmates? Anyone given the chance to go back to school would be immediately caught in nostalgia and start reminiscing for the past if they could return to their student years, which is why foodies are going crazy for this newly opened classroom-themed restaurant in Xiangyang, central China’s Hubei Province.
The hotpot restaurant is the size of a standard classroom, and is full of mementos and period pieces that hark back to the student lives of almost every Chinese born in the 1980s, including bulletin boards, posters of the periodic table, as well as polychrome posters of world-renowned scientists and the most popular cartoon characters of the time.
School wasn’t all fun and games though – with the menu in the design of an exam test paper given to customers by a waitress in a school uniform truly evoking bittersweet memories of the past shared by everyone.


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