There are nearly half a million open tech jobs in the U.S. today: TechHire


There are nearly half a million open tech jobs in the U.S. today, and that number is projected to more than double within the next four years. These jobs pay 50% more than the average private sector job. To help America fill 100k tech jobs by 2020, the TechHire initiative is recoding the American economy by helping employers find outstanding tech talent, and providing overlooked job seekers the training and connections they need to start successful technology careers. We need over half a million more people in tech jobs across the country—in hospitals, banks, and manufacturing plants. As a part of TechHire, more than 70 cities, states, and rural areas are showing that people looking to grow their skills can get on a pathway into a good job in tech without having to spend years getting a new degree. People like Bruce from Kansas City. After losing his job and subsequently his home, Bruce got linked up with a Kansas City TechHire partner, ReBootU. With new tech skills, he pursued a career in information technology at University of Kansas Hospital earning $36 per hour. Get involved in TechHire’s 100k by 2020 Movement here:


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