Today Monday On King Of Hearts.

Monday On King Of Hearts
Monday On King Of Hearts
Biji tells Durgadevi's family that whatever occurred in their family is bad omens and to get rid of them, she needs to perform a puja in her house. The next day, the puja is conducted at Durgadevi's home but Durgadevi insults the priest and in turn gets cursed by him. Later, Nani tries to explain to Durgadevi that since Shiv has left the home, they are witnessing bad omens a lot. Nani decides to bring Shiv back house until he recovers.
A small argument starts between Siddharth and Roshni, and she says they no longer have any relationship. Siddharth tells Roshni that they do have a relationship and that is friendship. Surprisingly, Samaira and Yash show up at Durgadevi's home and Mona informs Samaira about Shiv. Later, when Mona is seen talking to Samaira, Shiv shows up and puts Mona in a state of shock. Mona then realizes that Shiv is just pretending to have lost his memory.


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