Today On Young Dreams.

Today On Young Dreams.

Thursday On Young Dreams
Shail gets emotional in front of Dayal as Gunjan had decided to go to Australia. She is upset as Gunjan is Sneha's daughter, Rachna's friend and Dholu idolises her. Gunjan is also upset and thinking about the happy times she spent with Rachna. Dayal tries to pacify Shail that if Gunjan goes to Australia she will have a bright future. Seema is irritated as Shail would be organizing a lavish birthday party for Gunjan. In the middle of the night, Gunjan holds her mother's photo and comes out to the living room recollects her conversation wherein Rachna told her that she needs her, thinking about the happy times with the family and Mayank. Sad title song is play in the background. Gunjan gets emotional and talk to her mother's photograph Sneha that she will leave in two days. She confesses that she realises that her mother had taken the correct decision of sending her to Banaras to stay with Shail and her family and that she learnt so much from the family. She was upset. The three witches ( Seema, Sangeeta and Dayal's sister Bua) express their happiness over Gunjan's decision and are happy that their expenses will reduce. Gunjan is on the terrace remembering the night when Mayank decorated the entire terrace for her. She feels awkward when Mayank arrives on the terrace. Mayank says he knows why she is leaving but Gunjan counters that her father has come obviously she will go. She is about to leave when he holds her hand and asks her whether she would be able to live without him. He gets shocked when Gunjan replies that yes, she would be able to handle her life and withdraws her hand and leaves. The next day, Rachna asks her mother to stop Gunjan from leaving. Shail comforts Rachna that she can't as she complains about Gunjan's decision as Aakash and Gunjan only have each other. Dholu asks Rachna to help him in designing a card for Gunjan and Rachna agrees on Shail's request.
Gunjan comes down to the living room and is surprised to see the arrangements for her birthday. She tells Shail that her mother made similar arrangement and that she will be seeing all this from above. Shail gets emotional as she prepares Gunjan's birthday party but controls and leaves. Gunjan thinks that she is sorry but will have to leave. Dholu gets Gunjan down and shows the painting he made. Rachna calls Dholu a flop star and is still upset with Gunjan. Gunjan tells that she will be talking to Rachna. Later, Gunjan tells Rachna that she must not stop playing hockey. Mayank comes down and is talking on the phone saying he will be there tomorrow. Dholu naively asks Mayank what he would gift Gunjan on her birthday in front of Gunjan. He mockingly states that Gunjan does not want any gift as she is going to Australia. What ever he gives she won't like it and ends the conversation by stating that he would not be there as he is going to the city and will be returning after four days.
Gunjan gets upset when she learns that Mayank is going out of the city for four days. Mayank says all the best for Gunjan that she always wanted to go and he is also going. They both shake hand with teary eyes. Gunjan stands and Mayank leaves. Dholu super man is playing with Rachna. Shail calls both Gunjan and Rachna for college and Rachna tells Gunjan about her mother calling them. Shail says they both are late and they should go for Yash's birthday. Mayank comes there that he knows they need to go for Yash birthday party. Both girls leave for college while Gunjan is lost in thought a rockstar song tum ho play in the background. While going to college, Rachna asks if she is hiding something from her as she is her sister, she can lie but her eyes says another thing and that is there any other problem other than going to Australia and staying with her father. Gunjan tells Rachna that she wants to go to Australia as people in the city deceived her and can't stand people who don’t have the dare to say the truth and hides. Gunjan is referring to Mayank. Rachna is left bewildered on hearing Gunjan's statement and asks her what but Gunjan says she have work and leaves. Rachna's team mates inform her about Rajeev's health and Rachna in deep mind thought that he is not well. Rajeev is left confused when a certain person prepares meal for him and leaves a note on the table. The note read that a certain person had prepared meal for Rajeev, please eat it. He thinks who it can be. Savitri arrives in college and asks for the coach office. At that moment Rachna is dress in her hockey wears with the hockey stick in her hanf while Savitri follows her and Rachna drops her hockey stick, she bends to pick it while Savitri meets another girl and enquiries about the hockey coach.

 Later, Rajeev gets shocked when Savitri arrives in his room. He asks why is she here and she replies that she have important work and has not come here to argue. It is revealed that Rajeev is Savitri's eldest son. Savitri has come to take Rajeev home, however he refuses to go and tells his mother he can take care of himself. She tells him if he is asking her to leave and he should not forget that she is his mother. Rachna's team mates tells her to give them instruction about the game since Rajeev sir is not doing well. Meanwhile Rachna is in no mood to hear this as she gets apprehensive about Rajeev's health and so decides to visit him. Rachna is gets some food and fruit and mother and son are in Rajeev room. Rajeev tells his mother that she remember and sent food from someone else but Savitri says she has not sent anyone and she has personally come to meet him. Rachna at Rajeev's door in her hockey dress rings the door bell, she is scared to go to Rajeev room and has some fruits and she prays to god and as she is about to ring bell again, someone calls out her name who happen to be her lecturer and he enquiries why Rachna is here. Rachna tells him Rajeev health is not good and she came here to enquire about him. He tells her it's a staff quartress and she should not be here and asks her to leave before someone sees her but Rachna requests she will give him the fruits and leave. On the other hand, Savitri tells Rajeev that she will never come back whether if there is any fest holi or Diwali, she opens the door and leaves not notices the fruits Rachna left in cover hanging at the door. Rajeev is left confused when he finds another note outside his door, peep outside the room and no one was there and she has left 'Get Well Soon'. He wonder who it could be as he got the same like this type of letter yesterday too.
Shail gifts a dress to Gunjan for her birthday. Aakash tells Gunjan that Shail has been busy with her birthday arrangements. Gunjan gets emotional as she tells Aakash that like Shail, Sneha too used to be busy before her birthday party. Aakash consoles Gunjan. Chaya and Rachna want to plan a dance for the celebration. Gunjan is suspicious but they change the topic and have fun. Gunjan and Rachna go to sleep. At night, Mayank calls Gunjan up and asks her to meet him and that he wants to meet her one last time before she goes. She is hesitant but finally agrees. Gunjan is upset that not even once Mayank asked her to stay back and she finally caves in and blurts out and asks Mayank if he called her to say sorry. mayank walks away and suddenly a spotlight on her and starts singing with guitar. He lights candles. Mayank waits for clock to strike 12 in order to wish her happy birthday. Suddenly there is light on the terrace.

 The entire terrace decorated with rose petals balloons candles. Gunjan gets elated when she sees the terrace decorated. Mayank lifts her and twirls her. They cut the cake, he gives her a rose loads of gifts and they dance with each other. Mayank confesses he loves her and finally she says i love you too and they hug. Shail gets shocked when she hears Mayank and Gunjan confessing their love. Mayank turn and are shocked to see Shail. In anger, Shail scolds Mayank and Gunjan and asks them how could they do this? The trio get shocked when Seema arrive on the terrace and questions them what they were doing. Mayank covers up saying they are doing preparations for tomorrow. Shail smartly handles the situation that they were decorating but Gunjan came and spoiled the surprise. Seema asks how did Gunjan like the decorations she looks around and is shocked to see I LOVE YOU on the wall. She asks why love you on birthday, Mayank covers up by saying i love you is not just one thing. Dayal also lands up on the terrace and looks around. He is impressed with the decorations Shail has done. Shail turns and sees the cake they have cut. Mayank scared but no one notices it. Dayal is all praises for his wife while seema behaves strangely. He reminds her of Mayank's coming marriage preparation and Seema says he need not worry as shayl will handle everything. Seema and Dayal leave the terrace while Shail smartly handles the situation. Gunjan expresses her desire to speak to Shail, however Shail refuses to speak. Mayank is scared.
Gunjan gets elated when the entire Garg family wishes her on her birthday. Sangeeta and Seema are elated as Gunjan would never return in their lives. Shail refuses to talk to Mayank as she was busy performing the household chores. During Gunjan's birthday party, Dholu's father states that the family was not only celebrating Gunjan's birthday party but also her farewell. Gunjan gets emotional on hearing it. When Gunjan tells the family that she enjoyed her birthday party, Dayal states that she must reconsider her decision of going to Australia. Seema states that they must not stop Gunjan from leaving as she would enjoy in Australia. Shail smartly asks Gunjan and Mayank to come on the terrace. Shail gets shocked when Mayank confesses that he and Gunjan love each other.


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