Today Thursday December 15h On King Of Hearts.

Today Thursday December 15h  On King Of Hearts.

Siddharth tries to explain to Roshni that she cannot let her father leave the house as he has mental illness. Siddharth's explanations do not make any impact on Roshni, as the next day she is seen giving her orders to send her father out of the home. Siddharth again tries his best to sort things out but Durgadevi too shows up on the scene and supports her daughter's decision. Durgadevi then meets Shivpathi and asks him to leave the house immediately.
Shivpathi, before leaving the house, prepares tea and serves it to Roshni's family. When Siddharth finds Roshni and Shivaptahi drinking tea in a same manner, he is surprised that both of them have similar traits. Shivapthi then leaves Roshni's house and is dropped at the rehabilitation center by Siddharth. Later, Durgadevi is awakened by a phone call that informs her about Shivpathi running away from the rehabilitation center. A fear strikes into Durgadevi's heart and she speculates that Shivpathi would lodge a complaint against Durgadevi at the police station.


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