Today's Episode On King Of Hearts, Zee World drama series.

Today's Episode On King Of Hearts

Durgadevi blames Siddharth for the drama that is being created at her home. To provoke Durgadevi, Siddharth asks Shivpathi as to what he can do to remove his stage fear. Shivpathi gives some tips to Siddharth on how to fend off stage fear. Later, Shivpathi tells Roshni about Siddharth and his will to make up with her. Elsewhere, Misha is all set to make her place in Siddharth's heart and tries to create a bad image of Roshni in his view.
Kesar finally gets the medicines for Durgadevi and plans to administer it to her. He mixes the medicine in the tea and Durgadevi consumes it. Elsewhere, Roshni tells Siddharth that she wishes to watch her mother receive the award and also wants to hear her speech. Siddharth assures Roshni that she would definitely hear her mother giving the speech and asks her to get ready. When the time arrives for Durgadevi to give her speech, she starts feeling dizzy and talks funny. She then falls down and is attended by her family.


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