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Tuesday On Young Dreams

Tuesday On Young Dreams

Seema says didn’t she say so that Gunjan made Mayank run away but nobody listened to her. Seema then laments what will she do. Sangeeta says this is what her niece did and its the result of her up bringing. Seema then says what will Shail say that its her fault. At that time, Mayank and Gunjan arrive in the house. Mayank then says it's not Shail’s fault but his and whatever she needs to say to Shail aunt to say it to him. The family gets further shocked to see Gunjan and Mayank dressed up in wedding attire. Gunjan tells Shail that Rachna must have told her everything and that she made a big mistake.
Gunjan says she doesn’t even know how to seek forgiveness from her and that she can understand what they have been going through with all the worry and problems. She tells Shail she didn’t mean to hide this from her but one thing led to another and they broke the promise made to her. Shail rages at Gunjan and Mayank for taking a drastic step looks and slaps Gunjan. Shail tells Gunjan she did not break a promise but her trust and that she have no face to show not only to the family but to herself as well. Shail says is this what she give in return for the love they showered. She says after explaining to them not to do anything that will break her trust and bring disgrace to the family they still didn’t listen to her and they only care about themselves. Mayank tries to intervene and say something but Shail stop him and says he’s the eldest son and he did something like eloping and getting married. She asks him didn’t she tell him to talk to his parents about him and Gunjan before doing anything. Mayank nods his head. She then says what was the need to chose this easy path and not have patience. Seema tells Shail to stop acting and tells her to stop lying and that Shail should be happy with what has happened and the whole family knows who supported Gunjan and Mayank and that it was she who kept it a secret from all of them and asks why and for whose well being. Seema tells her to answer and asks why is she quiet. Dayal asks Gunjan was this the real reason she didn’t go to Australia. Mayank tells him no and he’s misunderstanding it. Seema tells him to be completely quiet as he has done enough already. Seema says Gunjan has snatched the peace and happiness of the house and destroyed the family’s name. Seema then says out of all the people she found only Mayank to destroy and asks why is she quiet. Mayank tells his mother to stop and that it's not Gunjan and Shail’s aunt fault. It was his idea to run away from the house and elope to get married. Prabhu says it was his fault to have a son like him and was threatening to raise his hand on Mayank but Gopal stop him saying he’s not a kid. Prabhu says after being so educated this is what he does. Prabhu says what are they going to tell Charu’s family that Mayank ran away from home and got married. Seema says its better if she dies. Mayank says its not as they think it is. Gunjan tells Shail they didn’t get married.
Sangeeta asks if they didn’t than why are they dressed like they got married. Gunjan says they went to get married but she realized that without their blessings it would be wrong. Gunjan tells Dayal she knows they made him angry but to believe her they didn’t get married. Mayank make it clear to the family that they did not marry and tells his mother mother Seema that she is scolding was the one who talked him out of the marriage and it was Gunjan who was stubborn not to get married without their blessings. He says he prepared everything but Gunjan didn't agree and said where were they to go after the wedding and that nothing is bigger than the family. Sangeeta says enough although they didn’t get married but they ran away and that too 2 weeks before his wedding. She asks isn’t he embarrassed. She asks Gunja isn’t she embarrased if it became the talk of the college and how long will it take for the news to reach the neighbourhood from the college. She says what will people think if one girl is like that indicating Gunjan then the other is bound to be like that indicating Rachna. Sangeeta States that Rachna in-laws would get furious when they learn about Gunjan and Mayank's relationship. Rachna says she didn’t tell anyone in the college. Shail says not to even do it by mistake. Seema says when its about Rachna’s relation then she is so worried and she didn’t even think once about Mayank’s relation. Shail says isn’t Mayank not everything to her too. In anger, Dayal announces that he would call Aakash up and inform him about Gunjan's mistake. He says because of someone’s influence he will not let his daughter’s future be destroyed and he can’t stand it. Mayank tries to explain to Seema but she tells him not to dare talk to her and she doesn’t want to speak to him.
Dayal wants to call Aakash and tell him everything about Gunjan's relationship with Mayank. Shail tries to stop him but he tells her to concentrate on Rachna . She tries to cool him by saying she has apologized but he is adamant. She further convince Dayal not to call Aakash and inform about the happenings at Garg's residence and that Aakash is all alone over there. Dayal agrees but he wants Gunjan to leave. Mayank is trying to talk to his mother but Seema gets furious with him as he does not want to marry Charu and wants him to forget everything like a bad dream and get married to charu as Dayal will send Gunjan away. Mayank does not agree and Seema has a break down as the wedding cards are already printed. Prabhu tells Mayank that Seema has a medical problem and doctor has advised her not to take stress. Mayank walks away but then prabhu tells her to stop faking her illness. Sangeeta enters and tells seema to tackle the situation coolly.
Gunjan is upset and rachna is consoling her. Gunjan explains that when you are in love nothing goes in your head. Right wrong but when you are in intense that person love is a part of you and further tries to make Rachna understand that she cannot leave Mayank as she is in love with him. Rachna gets emotional and recollects the moments which she spents with Rajeev. Gunjan says that everything is Mayank and her fault. Rachna hugs Gunjan. Meanwhile, Vihaan arrives at the Agarwal residence and his mother gets elated and does arti and Vihaan mother and father hug him. Vihaan brags that Banaras most handsome dude is back. His mother tells him she will get a really good girl for him and he agrees. His mother smirks with pride. Rachna asks Gunjan to wipe her tears and tells Gunjan that if she want something and don't get it but when she get it it will be best. Rachna says she does not think what Gunjan did was wrong and if Mayank is hers she will get him. Gunjan and rachna have a heart to heart chat and while talking to Rachna, gunjan realises that Rachna too is in love and asks her. Rachna manages to convince Gunjan that she is not in love and they hug. Gunjan thanks Rachna . Vihaan is really happy and dating besan laddos and he wants to feed some to Rajeev. His mother is upset. Vihaan wants him to come back and tries to convince his mother that she must get Rajeev back home. Savitri happily agrees and Vihaan that she has a plan and she asks him to support her.
Shail enters the kitchen while Seema and sangeeta are trying to give her cold shoulder. Seema bursts out saying Shail must be really happy that Gunjan could take a guy who is an engineer etc. Mayank overhears it and asks her to stop. He then tells seema that what ever happens he will marry Gunjan. Seema, Sangeeta and Shail are shocked and he leaves. Seema is furious, Shail apologize while Sangeeta's head is turning.
Mayank apologizes to Dayal saying he is the one who taught him that word and was the one who got him a cycle when he was young, let him study in kanpur . Mayank tries to convince Dayal that his happiness is with Gunjan so why does everyone want him to marry Charu so he asks him to stop his and Charu's marriage. Dayal tells him marriage is between two families and his marriage is fixed, he can't postpone or stop it as its impossible. Mayank holds his hand but Dayal takes his hand out of his grasp and leaves. Vihaan is playing temple run when his mother comes in and talks about his marriage he also gets a photo saying she will choose the best. She starts crying that even Rajeev left and Vihaan says he hates to see her cry. She blames her luck and the photo is actually a picture of Gunjan and Rachna hugging each other. She asks him to meet the girl personally and assures him that she would get him married after he completes his studies. She leaves without showing him the picture. Vihaan says marriage and him no way!! .
Mayank is lost in thoughts and Dholu comes to cheers him up and naively tells Mayank that he is ready for the marriage provided he keeps her happy as he too is in love with Gunjan. Just then, Rachna comes in and asks mayank to stop Gunjan from leaving. Mayank gets shocked when Rachna informs him that Gunjan is leaving the house.
Mayank enters Gunjan's room and he tries to stop her from leaving. He tells her if she goes Shail aunt won't be spared even then and all the accusations against her will be proved right . He manages to convince Gunjan to stay back that it's a test and asks her not to leave. Dholu and Rachna chip in saying that they are ready for the marriage and everything will be all right. Dholu says he has given his permission. Seema overhears everything. Rachna is ready to unpack Gunjan's bag. Seema is upset and asks Sangeeta to get her son back as she is very intelligent. She does not want to lose to Gunjan who is a spoils Mumbai girl. Sangeeta says if Charu would be the daughter in-law, she would load her with lot of gifts. Sangeeta is lost in her thought and smirks.
Gopal ( Sangeeta's husband ) talks to Prabhu ( Mayank's father ) that they must agree with Mayank and Gunjan's relationship as today's world is different. Prabhu disagrees and talks about Charu's happiness and he says once they are married Mayank will fall in love with Charu. Shail overhears and is upset. During dinner time, Shail served Rachna food and asks where Gunjan is. Rachna replies Gunjan is upstairs and soon both of them come down together. Seema stops Shail who is serving Gunjan and then proceeds to serve her. She touches her and says that since she has not eaten from morning she should eat. She says she made her favorite bharva bhindi and wants to feed her with her own hands. Sangeeta is furious. Seema informs the family that she has agree to accept Gunjan as her daughter in-law that she has thought a lot about it and she realized most important in her life is her kid's happiness so she concluded that she is ready for Mayank and Gunjan's wedding. Shail, Rachna, Gunjan and Mayank are elated while Prabhu, Dayal and the other are left shocked.


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