Wednesday Update On Antara Episode 85-87.

Wednesday Update On Antara Episode 85-87
The arrangements for Aarti's wedding go ahead going all out at Aditya's home. Close relative asks Vidya to invite her mom for the services so that their family can know Vidya's family better. Amid a function implied for women, Sameer masks as a lady and enters the event. Be that as it may, Vidya spots him and uncovered him before others. Sameer informs Aditya that Vidya had gone to the bank looking for him while he was away. Aditya does not wish to create another misconception and inquires as to whether she visited the bank.
Sameer and Aditya are stunned to discover that Vidya had gone to the bank. Vidya clears up that she had gone to the bank to fetch Antara. Sameer and Aditya are diminished on listening to Vidya' statement. Around evening time, Antara gets exasperates again and begins crying. Vidya tries to converse with Antara, and succeeds in assuaging her. Vidya guarantees Antara that she would undergo any test to wind up distinctly her mom and expresses the trust that one day Antara would accept her as her mom.
Aditya's urgent requirement for cash drives him to make an outrageous stride. He gets money from a goon, who cautions him against any postponement in repayment. Billu's refusal to dance with Antara amid the wedding causes friction amongst him and Abhishek. Vidya figures out how to placate them by making Billu understand that nobody understands Antara and he does. Then, Antara's refusal to sleep turns into a grave sympathy toward Aditya and Vidya. They dread Antara's health could suffer because of her conduct.


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