4 reasons to drive slower: FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY CORPS

Save gas. With increase in gas prices these days and the current recession we are battling with it is safe we engage in slow driving and avoid excessive driving.
Save lives. FRSC in many platforms and media has reiterated that excessive driving kills more than other causes of road crashes. Faster driving gives you a shorter amount of time to make the right judgment, and as we know a fraction of a second can mean the difference between life and death. Cultivate the habit of driving slowly for your safety and that of other road users.
Save time? It is always better to start out a journey a few minutes earlier than an individual who plans to leave later and drive faster as you’ll arrive in the same time. And it is guaranteed you’ll arrive much better and happier than that person who leaves late.
Simplify your life. Driving slower can reduce many complications such as— the headache of crashes,stress, speeding and dangerous driving bookings, body pains, going to the petrol station too often. Adopt driving slowly as this will help you achieve those new year resolutions of yours. Engage in new projects, be good to all and enjoy life more in this year 2017.
Drive to stay alive and journey mercies to us all in this new year.


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