Antara is unable to distinguish between her father and her brother,zee world series

Antara is unable to distinguish between her father and her brother,zee world series
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Antara is unable to distinguish between her father and her brother, and runs after the taxi in which Abhishek is traveling. Vidya does not understand the reason behind Antara's sudden tantrum. A mysterious man by the name of Mr. Nanda visits Vidya's home with his associate. Nanda makes it clear that he knows everything about Vidya and Antara and tells Vidya that he can solve all her financial problems if she agrees to move out of her home. Besides offering Vidya a huge amount of money and a bigger house to move into, Nanda and his associate also threaten her that if she refuses to move out, she will be thrown out of her house. However, Vidya insists on staying in the same house for Antara's sake and asks Nanda and his associate to leave. Billu comes to check on Vidya and Antara and assures Vidya that till he is around, she has to fear no one.

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Abhishek returns home to meet his mother. The visit brings a feeling of nostalgia in him, as he thinks about the precious times he had spent there with Antara, the sister he used to once love. Vidya has an emotional reunion with her son who had left her years ago. Antara is equally shocked and happy to see Abhishek and sees Aditya in him. However, Abhishek makes it clear that he has still not gotten over the hatred he has nursed for Antara for so many years. Abhishek tells Vidya that he does not have time to reminiscence about old times and has something urgent to discuss with Vidya. But Vidya says that they can discuss the true reason of his visit later.
Vidya hopes that Abhishek would give up the grudge against Antara. However, Abhishek refuses to stop believing that Vidya still loves Antara more than she loves him. Meanwhile, Billu asks his friends to find out the name of the person who has purchased the building where Anatara lives. Later that night, Billu returns to the building where he has an emotional reunion with his childhood buddy Abhishek. Billu finds out that Abhishek has entered the construction business and tells Abhishek that someone is trying to make Antara and Vidya vacate their home. Unaware of the truth, Billu hopes that Abhishek himself buys the building so that Antara remains happy. Kriplani calls Abhishek to demand the rest of the money from the sale of the building.


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