President Obama promised that he would make, affordable health care a right.

President Obama promised that he would make quality, affordable health care not a privilege, but a right. After nearly 100 years of talk, and decades of trying by presidents of both parties, that's exactly what he did.
Today, 20 million more adults have gained health coverage. So have another 3 million children, thanks in large part to the Affordable Care Act and the improvements we made to the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The uninsured rate is below 10 percent—the lowest level since we started keeping records—and our communities are stronger and healthier thanks to advancements in public health, science, and innovation.
Because of the Affordable Care Act, your annual out-of-pocket spending is capped. Seniors get discounts on their prescription drugs. Young people can stay on their parents' plan until 26. 137 million Americans now have a right to coverage of critical preventive services with no out-of-pocket costs, like flu shots, yearly check-ups for women, and birth control. It is harder for insurance companies to discriminate against you because you're a woman when you get health insurance. Doctors are finding better ways to perform heart surgeries and delivering healthier babies, and treating chronic disease, and reducing the number of people that, once they're in the hospital, end up having to return to the hospital. And because of the law, it is illegal to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions—as many as 133 million Americans.
Together, we stood up for the idea that no American should have to go without the health care they need. Let’s keep fighting for it.


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